Beginner Tips to Help You Get Better at Ark Survival Evolved

Beginner Tips to Help You Get Better at Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is one of the most played games in the Survival games genre. It’s all about surviving and adapting to a dinos-filled world. As a beginner, there are several things to do while familiarizing yourself with your environment. Firstly, you need a safe base for your operations.

Also, you’ll need various basic items for crafting weapons and harvesting food. However, read on if you’re into the game but need tips to get better. Also, to speed up the process, you can check out some Ark Survival Evolved cheats and hacks for beginners.

Beginner Tips to Improve in Ark Survival Evolved

Beginner Tips to Improve in Ark Survival Evolved

Meanwhile, here are some beginner tips to help you get better at Ark.

1. Spend more time on it

Practice makes perfect. Spending more time on the game to explore your environment is the best way to improve fast in Ark Survival Evolved. The more time you spend, the more knowledge you get. You’ll know the different creatures on the map with you, how they spawn, and their spawn locations.

That will help you to avoid spawn locations of dangerous creatures in the course of the game. For instance, Spinos spawn near waters and beaches, and they can swim through the water to a different island.

As a beginner, avoiding the water is best until you have powerful weapons to protect yourself against danger.

2. Maintain Attributes to live longer

In Ark Survival Evolved, your in-game character and dinos come with Attributes that indicate their strength and vulnerability levels. They are measured in stats, including Health, Food, Water, Stamina, Weight, etc. Health is the most important stat because once it depletes to zero, it’s game over for you.

Lack of Water and Food can make you tired and unfit to defend yourself from potential attacks. Generally, the attributes work together, so when one depletes, it affects your character. As such, it is important to maintain at least 70% of your stats to live longer.

3. Build around the southern beach

Build around the southern beach

The southern beach is the safest location for Ark players to build a shelter. It has fewer dangerous animals, but it is likely to get a visit from Spinos. Since these creatures are huge and have large fins, you can spot them easily and escape early.

By building a shelter at this location, you’ll likely live longer, giving you time to explore and improve more in the game. However, don’t swim in the water because it’s very dangerous, with fish and other creatures ready to devour you in no time.

4. Build more beds around key locations

When you die in Ark Survival Evolved, you spawn in the location where you built your bed. Building several beds at several locations, especially safe areas or locations rich in materials, is advisable for a beginner. When you spawn, you won’t be lost.

Also, you can build beds at any route you travel, and when you die, you can spawn in familiar places. Failure to build your bed on time can cause you to spawn at random locations, leaving you stranded in an unknown world.

5 . Glowing creatures are Deadly

If you meet creatures, especially a dinosaur with an orange glow around its middle section, don’t tackle it. The orange glow means the creature is an “Alpha. They are difficult for beginners to tackle or tame and can be very dangerous when they turn against you.

At this point, you just need to run out of sight, or you’re spawning again at your bed’s location. Since you want to improve, you have to stay alive. So, avoid all possible death threats, and you’ll have more time to explore and improve at Ark Survival Evolved.

6. Tame a lystrosaurus or a Dodo

Tame a lystrosaurus or a Dodo

These species of dinosaurs are easier to tame, but taming a lystrosaurus is easier than the Dodo. With fresh wheat, fresh barley, rare flowers, etc., you can tame any lystrosaurus. Also, you can feed them with your hand, making it faster to befriend them.

For a dodo, you may use some fist bumps to knock it down. This can deal minor damage to you in the process. Once you’ve knocked down the Dodo, feed it with berries, and it’ll become your pet when it wakes up.

Always keep an eye on your pet’s stats so you can know when to feed it during the game. You can travel long distances with your pets without depleting your character’s stats.


Getting better at Ark Survival Evolved is a gradual process. However, these tips will boost the process and improve your overall gameplay.

You just have to spend more time in the game to understand it better while maintaining intact attributes to stay alive. Build your shelter around the southern beach and build beds at key locations on the map. Avoid orange-glowing creatures but tame dodos and lystrosauruses. They can make your experience in the game exciting!