COD Warzone S3: Easy SMG Guide to Use in Matches

COD Warzone S3

SMGs are a perfect weapon type on COD Warzone S3, to fight in close and mid-ranged battles. In this article, we will talk about the popular weapons types in the game, why one should use SMGs, and which SMGs to use in COD Warzone S3.

Weapons in COD Warzone S3

There are many types of weapons featured in the COD Warzone S3. It includes DMRs, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Machine guns and SMGs. These are the popular and contemporary types of weapons that you can get in the COD Warzone S3. Among these, the Sniper rifle, AR and SMGs are the top 3 prefered weapons types in the game.

Why Should You Use SMGs in COD Warzone S3?

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Sub-Machine Guns or SMGs in COD Warzone S3 are a prominent choice of weapon within the game. They offer a great rate of fire, better than the other two popular weapon types, and work in both close range and medium-range battles. The Assualt Rifles and Sniper Rifles work like a charm in long-range fights, however, they are either hard to control their recoil or versatile in usage within close range. On the other hand, the Shotguns are perfect for close quarter battles, but can’t achieve anything more in Mid and Long-range fights.

This is why SMGs are preferred among different load-outs in the game. They are the perfect solution for the players’ all close and mid-range fights. You can pair it with a sniper rifle or an assault rifle and can walk through the game without much inconvenience.

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What SMGs to use in COD Warzone S3?

There are many SMGs in the game as of now, and among them, you can use the ones you personally like the most. If we look at the popular choices, the top three SMGs in COD Warzone S3 right now are;

  • Welgun
  • MP-40
  • Owen Gun
1) Welgun

This literal laser of a gun with an impeccably fast rate of fire is an amazing choice for all your close range needs. However, its performance drops majorly when used in mid-range and long-range fights. So, it should be in your inventory paired with an Assault Rifle.

2) MP-40

Arguably the best SMG in the game has been nerfed quite a much in the past time. But it still tends to be the centre of SMG meta in the game. The MP-40 gives you a significant rate of fire, decent damage per shot and great close and mid-range versatility. A perfect choice for an SMG in COD Warzone S3.

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3) Owen Gun

After significant and minor tweaks, the Owen Gun is entering the SMG meta in COD Warzone S3. It has got good Damage per shot stats and a decent rate of fire for an SMG and works quite well in mid and close-range battles. Another perfect SMG choice in COD Warzone S3.


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