Nvidia’s missing container of 500,000 RTX 30 cards found

the news is fake , so sorry


Disclaimer: the contents of this article cover the fake news which has been circulating social media and by no means the author is responsible if your brain doesn’t want to accept the reality of the report. Readers are requested to read the complete article and be prepared to face disappointment. موقع بوكر I know we are all waiting for graphics card from Nvidia, but i guess we all have to wait for a long time.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 series is the most anticipated graphics card solution of 2020, and since the cards will officially be unveiled at CES 2023, the demand for the cards is increasing tremendously in the market. but as we already know that Nvidia is currently dealing with the problem of supply constraint and that it is unlikely to be solved any time soon.

But the information flowing out of South Korea may provide some hope to the gamers who are anxiously waiting for the company to make the graphics card available in the market. 500,000 of Nvidia’s missing shipment of its RTX 30 graphics has been found at a dock in South Korea.


An employee working at the dock in South Korea, which is a subsidiary port of Samsung Electronics was the one to release the news. He posted the empty boxes on the GeForce RTX graphics cards and it turns out that the shipment was missing during an alleged transit by Nvidia.

The discovery of the container which has half-a-million of graphics cards is extremely valuable and could easily solve the supply constraint problem which is placing the green team for a long time.


The news reported above is completely and utterly fake. The original author of the article went on to update the contents of the original article and added that “This is a fake news story created and published on December 28 in celebration of the Holy Innocents Day in Spain. سيف الدين للالعاب اون لاين The content of it is false and has been created with a satirical humorous purpose. We hope you had fun reading it.”

Well, the author may have had a laugh or two, but we certainly are disappointed. Only God knows when the green team will finally be able to fix the supply constraint of the company. موقع كونكر اونلاين