Monster Hunter Rise: How to find and use Buddy Skills

Effective Skill management will be the difference between success and failure

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise allows us to go on rides with everyone’s favourite anthropomorphized felines, the policies. However, this time around, we also have malamutes, canine helpers that can also be used as mounts to move around maps faster.

Going with the traditions, the policies, and the malamutes have special buddy skills that can be equipped to further enhance their abilities. However, Capcom has a history of not making it clear as to exactly how any features work, so we are stuck with minimal information of the latest capabilities of its buddy skills.

There are various and most vital skills that every animal buddy should have however none of them are equipped by default. So, let’s find out where to find the Buddy Skills and how to use them.

How to Find the Buddy Skills

Monster Hunter

Buddy Board is your go-to location to change everything about your buddies, including which to bring along into battle, the armor they wear, and most importantly, the skills they have equipped. All of the Buddy Boards look the same and feature wooden sculptures of a malamute and a palico surrounding a bulletin board. مواقع تقبل الدفع paypal في مصر You can easily find one standing next to equipment boxes where player equipment and items can be tweaked.

After interacting with the Buddy Board, it will bring up a selection of options, and the one player will be interested in is called “Buddy Skills.” After selecting Buddy Skills, it will bring up the option to choose policies or malamutes. And then choosing one of those options will take players to the skills page of their buddy.

All the Buddies in Monster Hunter Rise have up to five slots in their Skill Memory, which they won’t reach until they attain the level of 25. It goes without saying but, your buddies will learn more skills that can be equipped into those slots, as they level up.

However, an interesting factor of the game is that different types of policies end up getting completely different skills depending on their hunting type. beoutq. The skills themselves cost between one and three points. With a maximum of five slots, players will have to make hard choices about which skills to equip their buddies with. mobile bet365

Remember to make wise choices, because an effective palico and malamute management can be the difference between “quest failed” and “quest complete.”