Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The May Queen Quest Walkthrough

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest: While Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players need to wait a while before Wrath of the Druids arrives, the new Ostara Festival will help pass the time. Taken directly from the same festival in Viking legends, this free event offers many Eivor annual rewards to unlock. To receive these cosmetics, however, players must collect festival tokens within the next three weeks.

Happily, enough tokens can be collected by completing various Ostara Festival queries. While some of these activities such as drinking and archery are common to players from the previous Yule Festival, there are other new additions that include spring egg hunting. Most importantly, the AC Valhalla May Queen Quest offers the highest number of tokens to complete this one-time application.

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest Walkthrough

Talk to Mayda

To start the search, find the Mayda near the wooden throne at the festival grounds. Mayda will complain that the current AC Valhalla May Queen Quest crown is incorrect and wants another equal to the hero instead. Eivor agrees to help and Mayda points out that a giant was killing wild animals in the forest. After regaining control, open the map of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and drive quickly to Venonis or one of the nearby forest points.

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest

Following the Beast

Upon arrival, Eivor will begin tracking the beast and must find four clues to identify its location. The players of the first tip they come across are a dead bear and Eivor sees it as a unique kill with nails or claws. Turn around and look for a rock with blood nearby that will lead to the attacker. Follow the west trail until Eivor meets the farmer’s property on the ground. Keep moving forward to complete AC Valhalla May Queen Quest and follow the steps until the players see the farmer standing on a large stone.

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest

Kill the Beast

After talking to the farmer in AC Valhalla May Queen Quest, it turns out that the beast is crazy. Take out the bird using Eivor weapons like Excalibur while avoiding its rapid attack. Once the threat has been sent, the farmer will explain that his chicken squirmed after tasting the blood and was happy to donate to help make the crown at Eivor’s request.

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest

Return to Mayda

With the Queen’s May Crown in hand, make a quick trip back to Ravensthorpe using a map. Go to the city center and Mayda should sit on a wooden throne. When the players get close to him, it will be a cutscene when Eivor gives Mayda the item and makes a little exaggeration against the crowned chicken. It completes AC Valhalla May Queen Quest. Through their efforts, players will receive 800 XP festival tokens and 140 concerts.

Use this steps to complete AC Valhalla May Queen Quest, until then happy gaming.