Amazon’s Prime Gaming adds eight free games for February

Amazon’s Prime

There are a lot of exclusive perks enjoyed by Amazon Prime subscribers. And for the gamers, Amazon’s Prime Gaming has so much in store for this month. And according to the reports, Amazon’s Prime Gaming service is offering a total number of eight new free games, along with the in-game loot for the popular games like Red Dead Online and FIFA 21.


Prime Gaming’s free games for February

The list of eight freebies, that are coming to Prime Gaming this month, is looking stacked. These include games like,

Cyber Hook

Inspired by the illustrious future world, Cyber Hook puts emphasis on parkour and a cool grappling hook to zoom past the world in front of you all whilst kicking some enemy to the floor. The game was initially released back in June 16th 2020 and was developed by Blazing Stick. It is really a cool action game and is available for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. (This offer expires on March 31st)

Monster Prom: Hotseat

Monster Prom is a dating simulator and an intended indie game, developed by Beautiful Glitch. The objective for the game is simple, work your way out to earn a date for yourself for the prom. (This offer expires on March 1st)


Spinch is a psychedelic platformer starring the main character Spinch, who’s primary objective is to find and rescue your ‘litter of missing offspring’ in the world of ‘thick bubbling psychedelia’. There are multiple levels, ways and complex obstacles that you will find in your quest. The game was initially released on September 3rd 2020 and was developed by Queen Bee Games. (This offer expires on March 1st)

Little Big Workshop

Released on 17th October 2019, Little Big Workshop is a strategic simulation video game. The game was developed by Mirage Game Studios and Published by HandyGames. In the game, your objective is to build and manage a ‘magical’ factory that has workers who can create and produce anything you want. These could be Television Sets, Bicycles, etc. Growing and managing the business is also a huge part of the game and it is truly a very interesting game to play. (This offer expires on March 1st)

Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game

Table Manners is a NON-VR crazy physics-based dating simulator. It is a dating game so what is the crazy part you may ask? Well, you will play a character that has to go on a date where you are a disembodied hand that is thriving for some chaos to be caused at any moment. The game was released on 14th February 2020 ( how fitting!) and was developed by Echo Chamber Games. A different kind of dating simulator experience that you must try. (This offer expires on March 1st)

Stealth Bastard Deluxe

It is a 2D platformer video game who’s mechanics involves around stealth. You will be surrounded by people that want to kill you and stealth is the only efficient way you can approach them. The game was developed by Curve Digital and was released on November 4th 2011. (This offer expires on March 1st)


Swimsanity is a multiplayer underwater action co-op and versus game with online and local play. The main character of the game is Mooba that takes on the action variety of weapons and power-ups to survive the underwater world. The game was developed and published by Decoy Games and LLC and was released last year. (This offer expires on March 1st)

Algo Bot

Algo Bot is an indie puzzle videogame that takes place inside Europa, a galactic ship, where you have to use algorithm skills to command Algo Bot, a servicing droid to contain the crisis. The game was developed by Fishing Cactus and was released back in February 14th 2018. (This offer expires on March 31st)


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What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon’s Prime Gaming is a gaming service that comes together in the package with Amazon Prime, which is a monthly or yearly paid subscription package that includes various perks. Amazon Prime offer many rewards like Twitch subs and emotes, Prime Gaming service, various in-game goodies and rewards, and so much more. For more details and information, check here.

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