Among Us: How to play Doctor Mode

Here is the Guide to play new Doctor mode in Among Us.

Among Us Doctor Mode

Among Us Doctor Mode: While players are waiting for a new Airship map to come in between us, many community members have already started creating and installing mods to change the traditional format of the game. Modeling Among Us has become very popular, especially for players who want to create their own custom skins or add greatness to their voice chat with the sound of proximity.

One of the modern trends among Among Us includes the addition of roles of colleagues in the game. Similar to the roles assigned to another popular social drag game, Town of Salem, this type of mod gives co-workers a lot of work to do, such as investigating as a Detective or rehabilitating fallen players as a Doctor in Among Us Doctor Mode.

In a recent video, YouTuber and one popular streamer, Socksfor1, introduced a game between us that included the new role of Doctor. In this game mode, a co-worker in the reception area will be assigned the role of Doctor called Among Us Doctor Mode.

Among Us Doctor Mode

Their job will be to find the bodies of other employees before they are reported and to rehabilitate their co-workers so that they can continue to work. Players will need to conform to certain house rules to avoid making this role more dynamic and less enjoyable. Here’s how to play using the Model role mod among Us.

This mod Among Us, like most custom game modes, is not recommended for play with random strangers in public places on social media. Players will need to install this in their reception area or find a co-op site willing to play by the rules with this mod installed.


How to play Among Us Doctor Mode

Once a player has been assigned the role of Doctor Among Us doctor mode, they will have to go around the map looking for their slain colleagues. Doctor will have a Refresh button in the lower right corner of their screen, such as the Report or Kill and Sabotage buttons. Once inside the body, they can click this button to restore a fallen coworker to the living world.

If the Doctor does not see the corpse, some colleagues may try to move inappropriately for attention and help awaken colleagues. This can be dangerous, however, and can result in the death of a co-worker during the process.

Among Us Doctor Mode

Willing colleagues must agree not to share who killed them. This will give the Deceiver and make the game much easier for his teammates. The only exception to this rule is that if a colleague is killed later they see the Deceiver killing and also call a meeting or report the body. On these occasions, a murdered colleague is allowed to share what he has seen, without acknowledging that the person he saw killing is the one who killed them.

Naturally, the power to revive colleagues will set a great goal for the Doctor, and fraudsters may try to find out who the Doctor is so they can kill them quickly. The Doctor is allowed to share ownership with the group in the meeting, but also nothing prevents the Deceiver from calling himself a Doctor instead of throwing accusations at the real Doctor. Players can add to the confusion and confusion that exists for this by using the doctor’s skin and their character’s hat, whether they are given this role or not.

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The introduction of the roles can add something new and different to the old version of Among Us and can make gameplay more appealing to coworkers. Among Us Doctor Mode is great and widely played. Players can try a variety of introductory roles such as Sheriff, Detective, and Doctor to create a new game experience and even more conflict with colleagues against powerful cheaters.

So play Among Us Doctor Mode with help of guide above, until then happy gaming.