Apex Legends Season 8: A Simple Guide to Evo Shields

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Apex Legends is one of the most innovative and successful battle royale games out there. It successfully sealed its name to the genre and it is because of its ‘one of a kind’ theme. The game is still widely popular and still growing. The continuous evolution phase of the game brings more content to the game with time. Apex Legends has always been a unique approach to the genre thus making it a huge success. The game is currently on its Season 8: Mayhem and has a scheduled Season 9 update in the queue within a few days.

The game has evolved a lot from what it was before, one of such changes was the EVO shields being replaced with the normal shields as the game’s new meta. Besides weapons and ability usage of the legends, proper armour plays a vital role in Apex Legends. Without decent armour the chances of survival through the game to being champion is impossible.

This article intends to show detailed information about EVO Shields in the game and how to properly use them. Please continue reading further for a more detailed explanation.

Shield & Armors in Apex Legends

Helmets and Body Shields are the key parts of defence in the game. Choosing the right one is always important but it doesn’t always depend on what you want. There are five variants of body shield in the game whereas helmets only have four variants.

Apex Legends

  1. White Evo Shield [Level 1] – This is the most commonly found Evo shield in the game and is of common rarity. This Evo shield provides players with 50 Shield HP and requires 150 Damage to upgrade.
  2. Blue Evo Shield [Level 2] – Another Evo Shield variant that is quite easy to find and is a rare item. This Evo shield provides players with 75 Shield HP and requires 300 Damage to upgrade.
  3. Purple Evo Shield [Level 3] – This Evo Shield is a little tough to find and is an item of Epic rarity. This Evo shield provides players with 100 Shield HP and requires 750 Damage to upgrade.
  4. Red Evo Shield [Level 4] – This requires some serious damage infliction to get normally or you can just loot a red death box. This Evo Shield belongs to the Heirloom rarity and provide players 125 Shield HP but doesn’t evolve with any oncoming damage.
  5. Gold Body Shield – Allows users to get a self-revive only once in the game. This shield also offers great healing, when equipped, even on lower healing materials.

Now, these are all types of shields you can get in Apex Legends but you should really aim for purple or better body shield. The Blue is decent for the first few moments of the game but becomes useless in later scenarios. The Red Evo Shield provides better Damage absorption whereas the Gold Body Shield provides Self-Resurrection and better healing, so it’s up to the players choice on what to use.

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