Apex Legends Season 8: Easy Guide explaining the Replicator

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Apex Legends is one of the most dominating battle royale games out there. It was successfully able to seal its name in the genre as one of a kind. The game is still very popular and is growing and evolving with time. Apex Legends has always been a unique approach to the genre thus making it a huge success. The game is currently on its Season 8: Mayhem and has a scheduled Season 9 update in the queue within a few days.

The game has evolved a lot from what it was before. These changes are both great and sometimes, bad, in the playability sense. For example, Peacekeeper being a drop only loot is not cool Respawn Entertainment. Besides the two rotating maps, Olympus and Kings Canyon, there are 16 legends in the game with another coming in the upcoming update.

The In-Game Crafting System in Apex Legends

One of the game’s vital changes, that can literally give players an upper hand in the battle royale to become a champion, is the introduction of the Crafting System in-game. The crafting system, in Apex Legends, was introduced a few years ago and it has become one of the key ingredients in preparing a victory loadout. Know everything about it and how to properly utilize it right here.

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What’s the need for crafting and upgrading?

You may know that Apex Legends’ looting system can sometimes be a little dusty. You may drop and find some legendary armour or you may roam around the map, looting several houses and death boxes and still may not receive a Level 3 armour or decent ammo. This crafting system is what is going to help players gather some of the useful resources that they may fail to find.

How to locate Crafting materials and Replicators

Like green markers on the Apex Legends map indicates Respawn Beacons, you will find little light blue markers scattered around. This indicates the presence of a Replicator (Crafting station and crafting material deposits. Pressing ‘E’ on these deposits will reward players with crafting materials and the available amount will be shown on the top right corner of their screen.

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With enough crafting materials, players can visit the nearest Replicator to craft any items that are available thereby exchanging the crafting materials. Most of the items on the Replicator rotates daily or weekly. Like, crafting a Level 3 Helmet or a Level 3 Backpack, etc is an option that doesn’t isn’t always there but items like Shield Upgrade, Loadout Weapons’ Ammo and Healing are permanent.

Our Thoughts

If you are down on luck with the ground loot then Replicators are a great place to have some serious Shield upgrades, gathering medical supplies, restocking ammo, etc. One can even get high tier Helmet, Backpack, etc. on a lucky items rotation. 

Having the proper loot means preparing for the battle, there’s so much you can do without higher tier armour, minimal ammo and low medical supplies. To become a Champion in the arena, one must properly utilize the Replicators as they are somewhat neglected but holds a winning edge for times.

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