Apex Legends: How to Unlock Gold Magazines

Apex Legends Gold Magazines

Apex Legends Gold Magazines: Gold Magazines is one of the latest innovations made available to Apex Legends. This guide will show players how to unlock them and explain how they work. Apex Legends has just started its 8th season and has brought a slew of new content. First, a brand new character named Fuse, Explosion Specialist has been made available.

Not only that, but changes have been made to the map of Kings Canyon. No matter what the changes, the goal is still the same, it’s the last team standing at the end of the game to win. One of the new additions to the game is Apex Legends Gold Magazines. Here’s what I can do and how the players can collect you.

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Apex Legends Gold Magazines stands out from the rest because of its unique features. When a player has his gun with Gold Magazine, it will reload after five seconds. This makes the players less anxious about their other weapons in the battlefield. Players can quickly switch back and forth without worrying about running out of ammo. Of course, the player will need Apex Legends Gold Magazines for each weapon to make this happen. Here’s how players can open Gold Magazine for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Gold Magazines

Apex Legends Gold Magazines: How to Unlock

Gold Magazine is available for the latest update of Apex Legends. Players will not be able to access the Internet without it. While on the battlefield, Apex Legends Gold Magazines is counted as a gold mine, meaning finding it will not be so easy. The best way to find it is to use the world’s plunder or by searching the supply boxes. It is basically the same way of collecting good as the rest of the game. Make sure you search around as often as possible to find that Gold Magazine because it is a fortune based on it.

Apex Legends Gold Magazines

Apex Legends Gold Magazines is an amazing thing you have no matter what character you play. Having an automatic reloading weapon when out of play can be a real game changer in the right hands. Those few seconds needed to reload can leave the player empty and left open to cause damage. It is recommended that you try to find this item as soon as possible. May the opportunities for them always remain in the harvest.

Use this guide to unlock Apex Legends Gold Magazines, Until then happy gaming.