Apex Legends Mobile: Easy Guide to Octane’s Abilities [2023]

Apex Legends Mobile

Beginner players of Apex Legends Mobile, no need to worry, we are here with all the guides and tips you will be needing in your new mobile gaming journey.

Apex Legends Mobile is essentially a battle royale game with different legends and abilities. Weapons are still a very important aspect of the game, but players must learn about the abilities of the legends in the game if they want to improve their gameplay and adapt to the meta of the game. The players who perfectly know the prowess of the legends in the game and can use it themselves will often snatch the champion’s titles off of the player with all the heavy artillery.

In this article, we will give a guide about the abilities of Octane in Apex Legends Mobile, one of the OG legends of the game.

Octane’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

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  • Swift Mend [Passive Ability]– With this ability, Octane heals his depleted HP over time. So, even if you are out of meds, in time, Octane will slowly regenerate his HP to full.
  • Stim [Tactical]- With this ability, Octane gains about a 30% movement speed increment for 6 seconds in exchange for 20HP. This depleted health will be healed with time on its own, as of his passive. Players can use this ability often, as it has a low cooldown, and can cover more ground.
  • LaunchPad [Ultimate]– With this ability, Octane places a small launch pad on the ground, which launches players into the sky once they step in. When mixed with Octane’s running speed, it becomes very helpful to reach heights and distances like nothing else.

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More about Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

Octane is a perfect legend for duel battles, including 1v1’s and is very effective against multiple players too. With increased movement, Octane’s accuracy remains the same which lets players swiftly attack and dodge oncoming threats with ease. His regeneration prowess also allows players to not carry more medkits than one and they can use the extra space for shields and other stuff. The only downside for Octane is his Ultimate, which is impactful but not with huge margins. But still, he is one of our favourite legends in Apex Legends Mobile.


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