Easy Guide to Defeat The Runner In Double Time: Dying Light 2!!!

In Dying Light 2, it's hard for Aiden to race with a runner. It's hard to defeat him. Some tips tricks can help you to persist, so for that just follow this guide.

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Dying Light 2, how long does it take to beat the runner –  Hello buddy gamers, hope you are gaming well. We came again to smooth your gaming experience and this time its turn for Dying Light 2. Let’s get started with today’s guide on how to beat the Runner in double time.


This is a two-step mission, and hurrying just makes matters worse in both situations. Players are excited to show off this “punk,” as Aiden refers to him, with some of the best parkour skills in the game, but don’t take any risks. It is a mistake to take damage in order to be faster. Whatever happens, Aiden will lose this first leg of the voyage. Don’t worry about it. Aiden can receive his money back (plus interest) if he puts money on it. The courses will take you through locations that are filled with zombies. Gamers can choose to sneak by or engage in combat for a quick experience of combat.



For the second race, players have to repeat the process. Unlike last time, the runner will be attacked by a wave of zombies as they reach the finish line. The mission goes from a fictional speed test to a very genuine combat exam. Break out any fantastic combat skills that players have unlocked to keep the runner safe. The runner will get to safety as Aiden engages, thus players shouldn’t be concerned about him throughout this fight.



Players are informed as to why it was impossible to defeat the runner in a footrace. It turns out he has an identical twin with a similar jacket who hangs out at the finish line of these races to make it appear as if the original runner won without breaking a sweat every time. You can opt for the brothers to retain the money (no coins are refunded), request a refund (400 coins if Aiden bet both times), or demand extra money back.

Dying-Light-2-Defeat Runner

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