Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft- The 4 Essential Items


Minecraft is a classic game of survival craft. It has so many things to offer that new players often find themselves confused about what to do. Well, don’t worry now as in this article, we will talk about the necessary tools and items you would need in your walkthrough during the early stages of Minecraft.

The First Few Hours in Minecraft

So you have started a new survival game, what are the primary things you should take care of? Of course, they are shelter and food. Build yourself a basic shelter for the night and gather some food to go by. Once you have those secured, you can advance on crafting items for further builds.

4 Essential items in the early stage of the game

The essential items in the early game are definitely the ones that will help you cook food, extract materials, craft complex stuff, help you farm for food, etc. So here we will go by in a series.


1- Crafting Table

You won’t be able to craft more than a few items without the help of a Crafting table. You should definitely secure that first before anything else. The crafting table can be made using blocks of 2×2 wooden planks. Once you get that, a series of potential craftable items will unlock themselves.


2- Furnace

Eating raw food will get you only to a certain level. A furnace will allow you to cook food for better stats and will also be able to extract materials that you will obtain through mining. You can’t use raw silver or any other raw materials to craft items, you would need to extract them through the Furnace with some coal as fuel. This will give you ingots that can be used for further crafting. There are many other uses of the furnace, like extracting glass blocks from sand blocks and alike.


3- Tools and Weapons

You gain most materials and items in the game via mining and a bare hand can get you an only ton a certain point. To diminish mining times, effectively, and efficiently, you need to make the necessary tools. Let’s start with a wooden hoe that will help you with farming efficiently, a wooden or a stone pickaxe, a wooden or a stone sword, and similar stuff like that. A shield is also important to avoid the oncoming arrows from the skeletons.


4- Campfire

You need to have proper lighting around your base camp to wipe out the possibilities of enemy spawning. You must also keep some torches ready up in your inventory in case the urgency arises for light. Nighttime can be very scary in Minecraft.


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