Bethesda to finally be acquired by Microsoft in 2023

the deal announced last year will be completed in 2023


In September 2020, when it was announced that Microsoft is in talks of acquiring Bethesda it took the gaming industry by storm. The news was so shocking that we were both excited and nervous as to what it would mean for Bethesda’s future.

No sooner than the new year began we received a recent report that Microsoft’s head of Gaming Phil Spencer announced that the deal will finally be completed this year, and Microsoft will acquire Bethesda completely. موقع اكس سايت It has to be the biggest news of this year for the gaming community. عمر واين روني

“When it came the time when they were looking at potentially becoming part of a bigger company, getting sold, I was glad that we were part of the conversation that they were willing to have and it means something to me that they would sign up to become part of Xbox. نتائج امم اوروبا 2023
“2023 is when we’ll get final approval, I feel really good about that, everything is on track. We’ll start then really getting some of the planning that we can do with them, right now we’re very hands-off as they continue to do the work that they’re doing as we don’t own them yet.

“The other thing I’ll just say is the commitment that the company, Microsoft, has given us when we rolled the idea into CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood when we went and said ‘We have this idea…’ Our business is doing well, we’re running a profitable, growing business. They have a lot of belief [in Xbox].
“I mean, just the fact that we would go through the acquisition of this size. That Monday we were announced I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night, I was nervous, I was anxious, I was excited, I had all the emotions. Then we kept it quiet, it was so cool to see the reactions from Xbox fans and probably more important to me now the Bethesda teams, because those teams will be very, very critical to our progress going forward.

“Exciting, exciting news. I can’t wait to get it closed so we can start working like one company. I’m incredibly excited about Starfield and a lot of the other things, some announced and some unannounced, that they’re working on.

“I just think that they’ll be an incredible addition to our studios. When I think about our RPG capabilities with Obsidian, inXile, with that Playgrounds is doing, with what Bethesda can do, it’s a massive capability. And also for FPS capability, with id Software and 343…It just doubles the size of our first-party studios when Bethesda joins. I’m excited about 2023 and Bethesda is an incredibly important part of that.”

Bethesda has many upcoming titles like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo as well as Tango GameWorks in the works. The year 2023 certainly seems to one which will bring new waves to the gaming industry.