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If you are a lover of BitLife and want to become a famous writer, this guide is everything you should know.

Famous Writer Guide in BitLife

BitLife is just like normal life things, as in the game you can get some desired thing with luck and somethings with your hard work. And if you are on the verge to complete the challenge, you must have to broaden your skills, as soon as possible. The most common thing one wants is to become a famous writer in BitLife, which can be probably done by completing objectives in weekly challenges. So, this guide will help you in becoming a famous writer in BitLife.

Prerequisites to Become a Famous Writer in BitLife:

The most important thing to become a famous writer in BitLife is that you should have an entry-level job as a writer for a publisher. Secondly, you must be up to 18 years old in order to head forward. You should be determined in writing, as you must write whenever you get time. And when it comes to getting a quick promotion, you should work for 50 hours per week, which may clear all ways to become a famous writer in BitLife.

BitLife Guide for Famous Writer

Guide to Become a Famous Writer:

As our hard work always pays-off, so after writing few years with such long hours you will gain some fame for your work. After that continue for aging up, and then navigate to the ‘activities’ tab and then tap to the ‘fame’ tab in order to handle your fame. There you will have an option as ‘write a book’ in the mentioned section. From there choose any book in the list, and then just complete it. Although all the books you have written will not succeed at all, but will surely help in your fame. You should Age up to 1 0r 2, and have to write until you become a winner.

Bitlife Famous Writer Guide

However, a best-selling book will add-up your fame up to a peak. So it is advisable to stick to what you are doing in order to succeed in your goal. Nonetheless, you can have fame up to 100%, from which you can earn a lot of dollars by becoming a famous writer in BitLife.

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