Borderlands 3: How to Get the Mysterious Artifact

Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact

Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact: The latest DLC for Borderlands 3 has given players the opportunity to take on new and unbelievable things. Players can play with a new set of weapons, skills, and quests to explore. Unfortunately, some things are much more complex than others.

Players who want to find answers to an Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact do not have to look forward. Even if there is no definite article on how to use this item or how to get one, we can help! Before going out and finding this item, players need to make sure they are buying Direct Director’s Cut DLC for Borderlands 3. It is the only way to find and use this item.

Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact

Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact

How to Get

Finding a Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact is a little easier than using it. To select this item, players will need to complete the Murder Mystery search line from Ava. Without giving too much away, it is fair to say that, at the end of this quest, it is the manager of the players who will have to deal with it. However, once the manager is defeated, players will receive a Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact.

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Unfortunately, that is the only thing a player will know about this Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact. The game gives you nonsense in the description of the object, say 100%, 5%, and then there are three question marks next to each skill index. Plus, we know that the object itself is a little out of place, but that’s just it.

Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact

Also, all of this is exclusively to the Director of Borderlands 3’s Cut DLC. Players can only get this item if they choose a new DLC. Now what do we do with Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact now?

Use of Mysterious Artifact

As it turns out, Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact helps detect Eridium. Lots of Eridium. 100% represents a buff on the amount of Eridium the player will take once the Artifact is equipped. This will double the player’s previous download rate.

The 5% result represents the chance of Eridium small clusters breeding close to the player during the test. Although these collections are not visible from a distance, players will notice that they have a shiny white color when you are close by using Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact.

These Eridium collections are only visible when players are close to them and have Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact assets. Ideally, the Eridium collected in these collections doubled as a result of the Mysterious Artifact.

Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact

Extra Eridium is ideal for players who like to spend money. Eridium can be used to buy skins, trinkets, and awesome weapons at Crazy Earl’s. In addition, players can re-register Anointoy in Crazy Earl’s Roll Machine, making Eridium very valuable.

Use this guide to get Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact, until then happy gaming.