Bravely Default 2: How to Get True Ending

Braverly Default 2 True Ending

Braverly Default 2 True Ending: Courage Automatic 2 includes many conclusions, and players who want to reach the real conclusion of the game are limited by their task. Indeed, finding the real ending to this new JRPG is a huge undertaking, requiring fans to win challenging boss battles and more. For those players who think they are ready to do the job, this guide will outline in detail what to do to see the final outcome of Bravely Default 2 true ending.

Awareness, while an attempt is made to avoid exposing too much of the events leading up to the final outcome of the game Braverly Default 2 True Ending, some spoilers are unavoidable. Basically, these robbers are related to the last Job in Bravely Default 2 true ending, which players have to unlock to get a real ending. Thus, fans who choose to acquire the final asterisk without assistance are advised to return to this guide in the future.

Braverly Default 2 True Ending

With that in mind, the first step to finding the real ending in Bravely Default 2 true ending is to end the game and find its negative ending. After the first debt collection, JRPG fans have to reload their savings and exit the room to find a new purpose. Players must now follow the instructions given for that purpose, and doing so will ultimately lead them to a valley of legends, a new boss battle, and a mysterious end to the game.

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Braverly Default 2 True Ending

At this point, fans will need to set aside some time to unlock three options in Bravely Default 2 true ending. Those Tasks are Gambler, Slave-Maker, and Bravebearer, and most players will no doubt be meeting at least the first two during regular games. That said, here are the full details of finding all three asterisks to make sure everything is very clear:

Braverly Default 2 True Ending

Gambling: Complete the gambling quest offered by Shirley at Savalon Casino

Slave: Complete the Dream quest given by Glenn in Enderno.

Bravebearer: Defeat Sir Sloan’s ghost in his tomb on the ground between Halcyonia and Savalon.


After the player collects these final asterisks, they must navigate to the save menu and select the purple icon at the bottom to view the cutscene. When that is over, fans should head to Halcyonia and speak to Boat-Lending Woman in Bravely Default 2 true ending to gain access to the final prison game. By the end of this prisoner, players will find the most challenging bosses, and defeating them will open the real end.

Use this guide to get Braverly Default 2 True Ending, until then happy gaming.