Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War free multiplayer week Start Now

Call of Duty multiplayerfree week

Activity Call: The free multiplayer Black Ops Cold War Week kicks off today, giving you seven days to try out the shooting action even if you are not the game’s owner.

Free access week will begin on Thursday, December 17 at 10 a.m. PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT, and end on December 24. At that point the free multiplayer week will be divided into two categories, with a small selection of modes and playlists will be live at the beginning and some will join the action of the background. Here is a list of the modes for the first phase.

Free multiplayer Black Ops Cold War week 1: December 17-21
2v2 Guns
Death team
Featured Playlist: Raid the Mall
Featured Playlist: Nuketown Holiday 24/7

Then the other three routes come in on Monday.

Black Ops Cold War free multiplayer phase two: December 21-24
Prop Hunt
Combined Weapons: Hardpoint
Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

You will have plenty of reasons to come in and play even if you already have the Black Ops Cold War. Starting at 10 a.m. PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm BST on Friday until the same time on Monday, everyone will receive double XP and double weapon bonuses for most players. After that starting at the same time on Tuesday you will receive a Battle Pass XP doubled to December 28.

All those new free players pouring into this game who would never know what they were doing in the beginning, and double XP and bonus bonuses for all those kills and winners will surely be a surprise? The level of prominence is expensive.

From 10AM December 18 to 10AM December 21, all Operators * (whether you have free access or not) will earn double XPs and double bonus bonuses on the multiplayer available modes.

Bonuses continue from 10AM December 22 to 10AM December 28 with Double Battle Pass XP in Multiplayer to unlock Battle Battle System content twice. That’s a full 10 days to upgrade your Operator, Weapons, and Battle Pass System!

But keep in mind that, from December 22-25, Double Battle Pass XP is only available on Black Ops Cold War, and free access only on December 24. However, the Double Battle Pass XP bonus then kicks out Black Ops Cold War once Warzone from December 25-28.

* PlayStation users also have access to a 24-hour bonus in the double XP window to upgrade their Season 1 player level, starting at 10AM on December 17 in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.