Call of Duty: How to get the Bombardment Streak in Warzone

The Bombardment Streak in Warzone cannot be asked in Plunder mod

Call of Duty

The latest Call of Duty Warzone patch 1.34 update brings in a new killstreak which no one anticipated. The feature was not even mentioned in the patch release notes. لعبه عشره كوتشينه

So, many of the users are looking to get their hands on the newly added Bombardment Streak. So first things first, remember that you’ll need to activate the Zombie event and loot some keys to access a particular computer terminal.

Call of Duty: How to get the Bombardment Streak in Warzone

The first thing to remember is that to get the Bombardment streak in Warzone, you will need to pick up the Protocol Access Key to access a Containment Monitor Station.


  1. Start by loading into any Battle Royale mode.
  2. Head towards the downtown bank area. اربح المال من الالعاب Head downstairs into the vault, and activate the Zombie’s event by interacting with the computer terminal. البوكر العربية
  3. Once the event is active, many Zombies will spawn in, so have fun blasting off those buggers. But, be careful of players trying to score a kill on you, while you’re doing your business. The last Zombie you kill will drop the key card for the yellow chest outside the vault.

Call of Duty

The yellow chest contains another key card called the Protocol Access Key. Its purple card, which is used to head to the zombie terminals located under the missile silos.

Call of Duty

Any of the locations will do, once you are there, you’ll be looking for a yellow computer terminal displaying a skull on-screen. Interact with the Containment Monitor Station to open an upgraded buy menu that includes the Bombardment Containment Protocol.

The station includes some other things, such as:

  • Bombardment: requires Key
  • Gas Mask: $3000
  • Armor Box: $6000
  • Loadout Drop Marker: $10000
  • Advanced UAV:$12000
  • Foresight: $20000

Call of Duty

Bombardment: It calls in a missile barrage over areas affected by the outbreak.

Foresight killstreak: it activates a powerful satellite to see the remaining safe zones on the map.

Advanced UAV killstreak: it is an unforgettable orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s direction on the minimap in real time.

Note: Bombardment Streak cannot be acquired using the Plunder mode, You’ll need to make sure you’re in traditional Battle Royale mode, whether solos, duos, trios, or quads.