How to Earn More Prestige Keys in COD: Black Ops Cold War

COD Black Ops Prestige Keys

COD Black Ops Prestige keys are an important asset in COD: Black Ops Cold War. This guide will show players how to get the most out of it. The Prestige progression program has been in the series for decades now. After playing enough matches, the player will reach a higher level and have the option of prominence.

Prior to this it will reset the player’s level back to 0 and they will be rewarded with a new medal next to their name. They will lose all their weapons and immobility and will have to start over. Now with COD Black Ops Prestige keys, players can continue to praise without losing all their gears. Instead, they were rewarded with Prestige Keys. Here’s how players can benefit from it.

By the start of season 1, players are now able to use their Prestige Keys. Prestige keys can be used at Prestige Shop to unlock high quality player makeup. This includes opening the Legacy Prestige Icons thumbnails from previous Call of Duty articles.

There is something amazing you can be able to wear to the banner from Modern Warfare 2. There are tons of different items that will be unlocked as well, so players will want to collect as many Prestige Keys keys as possible. This guide will show players how to unlock multiple Prestige keys.

COD Black Ops Prestige Keys

How to Unlock More COD Black Ops Prestige Keys

Players will be able to unlock 20 COD Black Ops Prestige Keys each season. Each Prestige key is unlocked every 50 levels. The clean thing about COD: Black Ops Cold War is that there is progress for participating players in Warzone as well.

A great way to raise levels quickly and get Prestige Keys would be to eliminate the daily challenges that are part of the battle pass. This will reward the player with more information and unlock more XP tokens. Use these Tokens before the start of the game to increase your level growth.

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This applies to both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War so make sure you get into both and complete these challenges. In the end, it’s really down to continue playing the game as usual. Players may need to enter game mode that they do not enjoy, but it is all because of a fun experience.

Prestige buttons are a much better reward than previous installments. To fully smell your entire inventory sounds very wasteful, especially when players have just acquired that advanced weapon. This is the best program of the Call of Duty series.

Use this guide to Earn more COD Black Ops Prestige Keys, Until then happy gaming.