How to Unlock Wakizashi Sword in Call of Duty: Black Ops cold war

CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword

CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the first installment in the series to offer players the most versatile melee weapon options. The Black Ops Cold War clearly follows that trend. Players can use Sledgehammer if they complete an appropriate challenge. Whenever a new melee weapon drops, there is always a sticker attached to it that is completed in Multiplayer or Warzone. Wakizashi Blade is no different.

The only thing that is not clear about Wakizashi Blade is that it does not appear on the weapons menu. Free entry players will not see it as a gray option as they would in Modern Warfare. It is unclear whether this is a problem or not. Maybe Wakizashi Blade is in the game code but it shouldn’t be available until next season. Find it soon! Here’s how to unlock CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword.


What is Wakizashi Blade

The CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword was the second preferred weapon among the ancient Samurai. It looks great as a short Katana and should evoke certain memories of Ghost of Tsushima. It was a lightweight weapon that was as sharp as a rock and as strong as a stone.

According to the Black Ops Cold War, in-game statistics indicate that it has a longer distance than the Cold War Combat Knife but moves a few frames a bit. Those two figures should cancel each other as the slow swing will still connect from the farthest.

Players will be holding the Wakizashi blade aside as a real badass. However it is worrying because it can be very effective as a mini-Katana lung. While Bold Ops Cold War is not the ‘Ghost of Tsushima the FPS,’ players will still have a realistic awareness of these weapons.

CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword

CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword how to Unlock

The challenge of this is simple but time consuming. Players must make 2 finishes in one game using a Cold War combat knife ten times. Warzone special players, get ready to cross the Plunder all day; this challenge will not be as easy as it was for FINN LMG.

This challenge is simplified because players can make targeted enemy conclusions. Other communication will be key as team partners should inform each other when they have dropped someone. As the Wikashi Blade does not appear on the weapons menu, players are unable to track their progress. It would be wise to take a pen and paper and keep track of the challenge the old way for CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword.

CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword

It is not yet clear whether Wakizashi Blade is complex or confidential. Players can still unlock cameras and complete challenges as well. In the coming days, we’ll see if the devs take up the weapon challenge and keep it hidden until the next major update or season. But can they? Too many players already have it. It would be like taking a Christmas presents for a child.

Use this guide to find CoD Black Ops Wakizashi sword, until then happy gaming.

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