Control: How to Beat The Former Boss Fight

Control Former Boss Fight

Control Former Boss Fight: Throughout the course of control the players will have no choice but to go up against several very powerful and difficult enemies. For this reason, it is important for players to quickly learn how to make themselves more powerful and how to use their skills effectively. As time goes on but this will be very difficult.

One of the most difficult aspects of the game is whenever a player encounters one of the game managers. These enemies are not the ones a player will encounter during a quest, but many side-by-side questions have a boss waiting for the player in the end. One such boss is The Former, which is a huge and annoying enemy that can cause players great trouble if they are not careful. This guide shows players how to defeat Control Former Boss Fight.

Control Former Boss Fight

Control Former Boss Fight: How to Win

Players will meet for the first time during the separate activities of the Fridge Duty, and then come back later during Langston’s Runaway missions. Fortunately, both battles play the same way so the strategy will not be different from anything. The Control Former Boss Fight is a much larger beast that will pass over the player and is shrouded in darkness in a great battle. Over its large head however a large glowing eye that gives the player the right target to direct their attack.

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The basic idea of ​​this war is to pull things off the ground using telekinesis and throw them straight into the big eye of Control Former Boss Fight. If a player is exhausted they can change and shoot their service gun in the manager’s eye and deal with damage. Players will need to keep in mind that the former will begin to launch a power attack on the player, but this can be avoided or caught by telekinesis and then reverted back to the boss to win Control Former Boss Fight.

Control Former Boss Fight

The only other thing to keep an eye on during this Control Former Boss Fight is that The Former can also use its big legs to try and crush the player. This attack is very easy to avoid, but it leaves large holes in the ground which if a player falls into them causes them to die quickly. Use the levitate to get out of the way of this and keep attacking their eye and the past will go down quickly.

Use this guide to conquer in Control Former Boss Fight, until then happy gaming.