Control Ultimate Edition Releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X with new Release Date

Control Ultimate Edition

Remedy Entertainment has announced the release dates for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X versions of Control Ultimate Edition, as well as showcasing new game modes for Performance and Graphics. The original version of Control was one of the best looking games of the last generation of the console, which is why fans were thrilled to see it running on the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X hardware.

You can check out that trailer below that shows some pictures from the PlayStation 5 version. As Remedy Entertainment explained in the announcement, the next version of the game will offer two different ways players can take turns depending on how they want to hear things.

You can play in Performance Mode which offers 60fps no matter which console you are playing or you can play in Graphics mode which limits the game to 30fps while enabling better graphics and things like tracking ray where supported.

Digital Introduction: 2 February 2023
Delivery of Stores: 2 March 2023

Teaser of Control Ultimate Edition

It was disappointing to find that the only way to get an improved version of Control is to buy it again. Remedy has announced that the development of the next version of Control was special to the new version of the Control Ultimate Edition of the game. This meant that people who supported the game from day one had to make more money if they wanted a higher console experience.

The situation worsened when the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X versions of Control Ultimate Edition were delayed outside the consoles launch windows. The game has since been sold several times, so people who bought the Control Ultimate Edition on the first day at a full price were attacked.

Control was an impressive game, but there were problems running on the PS4 and Xbox One base when it was launched. It has been a game that has tested the limits of its hardware, and we can’t wait to hear Control Ultimate Edition in all its glory on the gen-gen systems when it finally launches in 2023.