CSGO: All Easy to Handle Weapons From Different Category [2023]


CounterStrike: Global Offensive or CSGO, is a classic 5v5, tactical, competitive, FPS that has been around for nearly a decade. Precision in aim, skills, tactical and understanding of the game’s mechanics are a key part of winning. Weapons are the most important aspect of the game and it features tons of them. There are multiple categories of weapons in CSGO, and all of them work differently. In this article, we will talk about the easy to use weapons in CSGO in all of the available weapon categories.

What are the weapon categories in CSGO?

The CSGO buy menu shows 4 weapon categories, they are;

  1. Pistols
  2. Heavy
  3. SMGs
  4. Rifles

Let’s see what are the easiest guns to use in CSGO of these 4 categories.

Easiest Pistol to use in CSGO

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The P250 and the Five-SeveN, are the two easy to use pistols in the game. They are both very easy to understand and impactful in fights. The P250 packs more punch with every shot and the Five-SeveN offers a little less punch but compensates with an increased rate of fire. These two pistols are the easiest in the game.

Easiest Heavy weapon to use in CSGO

The two types of weapons under the Heavy section are Machine Guns and Shotguns. The Machine guns are really not that practical in every sense during an intense matchup, but the shotguns are. You can hold and defend close quarters and angles with their sheer impact. The XM1014 is a great shotgun with a quickfire rate for a weapon of its class and packs great damage. The MAG 7 is another great choice, with insane DPS, but requires a bit more accuracy while aiming.

Easiest SMGs to use in CSGO

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The P90 is the best SMG for many reasons in the game. It is very easy to understand weapon, with barely any recoil, packs decent damage and has an insane rate of fire. More of all, the P90 has the best accuracy while running in the game, making run and gun an actual useful strategy.

Easiest Rifle to use in CSGO

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For the CT side, the Famas, M4A4, M4A1-s and the AUG, are all very easy to use weapons with great damage, accuracy and rate of fire. For the T side, all the rifles are kind of hard to use, including the Galil and the SG 553. It is better to use the AK 47 in CSGO while on the T side and tap instead of spraying if you are a beginner.


This was a guide about the easiest weapons in the game under all categories. Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.