Cyberpunk 2077: How to get free legendary fixer outfit

Cyberpunk 2077 fixer outfit

The Legendary Cyberpunk 2077 Fixer Outfit set is one of the many unique outfits players can find sleeping in the city at night for free.

Style is everything in Cyberpunk 2077 and players have the freedom to choose from a variety of outfits, each offering different figures. While the pieces of large and unusual clothing boast of certain unique qualities, they are the most popular and the most powerful.

Unfortunately, players cannot afford to buy the most popular costumes in Cyberpunk 2077 fixer outfit. The only way to find them is to explore the many regions of Night City where they will find a variety of popular items for free. Each of the six counties in Night City is home to a unique outfit that players can stumble upon. Legendary Fixer Outfit is one of the most popular costumes that belonged to the city’s nightclub organizers.


Cyberpunk 2077 Fixer outfit locations

Like all other outfits, the Legendary Fixer Outfit has a wide range of clothing items including boots, pants, jacket, sunglasses and a shirt. This is where players can find each of them. To find cyberpunk 2077 fixer outfit visit them one by one.


Myth Fixer Skirt / Pant Location

To find out, players must quickly head to Cherry Blossom Market in Japantown, Westbrook county. From here they have to head to Jig-Jig Street. After entering the area, players will find the “18+” sign on the left, next to which lies the unmarked road. From here the players will have to go up the dump and take the yellow ladder to the building shelf. Here they will find a shed with a corpse inside. Robbery will provide players with a Preeve-Layer Fixer Skirt or pants depending on how they customize their characters.

We will see next item in cyberpunk 2077 fixer outfit.


Fixer Seams / Boots Location

To find out, players must travel immediately to Crescent & Broad in Japantown. From here, they have to cross the road and take the right where they will find an underground parking lot. Just before entering, players will see a discarded van with a corpse inside. Robbery will give them Elastiweave Fixer Pumps With Reinforced Seams / Shoes. Seams reduce fall injuries by 8% and may be suitable for striking players who want to be quickly destroyed.

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Fixer Shirt Clothing Area

To achieve this, players must travel immediately to Skyline East in the Heywood district. From here, crossing the street will lead you to a busy street filled with stables and members of the enemy group. Players, after a direct understanding and take the first right will encounter an NPC spray painting a wall. From here, the left turn will place them over the body with the Heat Resistant Aramid-Weave Fixer Bustier / Shirt. Wearing this increases the carrying capacity of the players by 5 and is very important for those who use this repetitive glitch.

Cyberpunk 2077 fixer outfit

Myth of Glass Glass Area

To achieve this, players must travel immediately to Rancho Coronado South in Santo Domingo. East of the stadium, players will encounter a yellow cargo crane. Taking the narrow lane on the left will take them to the corpse next to the abandoned car. The robbery will provide them with Polycarbonate Opti-Enhanced Fixer Glasses.


Popular Jacket / Coat

To find out, for cyberpunk 2077 fixer outfit, players have to move quickly to Kendal Park in Santo Domingo. A big but broken wheel is lying here. At the bottom of the wheel, players will find one of the pods, in front of which lies the corpse. Robbing a bowl next to it will provide players with a Trilayer Aramid-Weave Fixer Skirt and Jacket. In addition to providing an increased carrying capacity, it provides an empty dressing area.


These are all the things players need to complete a set of repair clothes. While Cyberpunk 2077 is far from a complete game, the latest hotfix shows the commitment of CD Projekt Red to fix the game.

Use this guide to get cyberpunk 2077 fixer outfit, until then happy gaming.