Cyberpunk 2077 – I Fought The Law Full Walkthrough

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Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest: Sometimes the law is not on your side in Cyberpunk 2077, and if you haven’t picked that up since your time in Night City, then this claim, I fought for the Law, involving love interest River and Mayoral candidate Jefferson Peralez will convince you. In this case, you would be working against the law, even if you were dealing with a police officer. The NCPD has changed as much as you can guess, and in this campaign, we will reveal one of their many secrets.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a big game, and you’ll be making a lot of decisions, both in quests when talking to NPCs about important story beats, and in your character build, your perks, and your weapon selections. We’ve got everything you need to know before you start Cyberpunk 2077 right here, Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest so dive into our guides before you get started in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally playable, and we’re all jumping straight into Night City to explore the world that CD Projekt Red has spent many years crafting for us to explore. We’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077 a lot here, and we’ve been putting together a huge amount of Cyberpunk 2077 content and guides for you to dig into.

Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest

The Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest also led to the intriguing Dream On, in which Jefferson and Elizabeth Peralez went through some shocking findings. Be sure to check out how the application works here. Further search for this leads will follow River in The Hunt.

Meet Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest

The first thing in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest that will happen is to meet Peralez couples in the car, and they will ask you to see several Braindance scenes to get your professional opinion. These BD scenes are relatively simple compared to the ones you will find in the main search, without the many secrets you can find. Be sure to check out our Braindances navigation guide to get past these without a problem.

There is one important thing to check in each BD:

Mayor’s Conversation – Sounds – 0:15

Mysterious Drawing – Visual – 1:00

CCTV Monitoring – Visual – 1:00

Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest

However, there are many additional features you can find in each Braindance, albeit not necessary in the furtherance. Feel free to check them all out to get the full understanding of the wish in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest.

Be sure to check out each of these three BDs, and you’ll easily delete this section. Now you are about to meet the River. Next step in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest are given below.


Investigating With River in Cyberpunk 2077

After meeting with the River and collaborating with him you will be given the task of investigating the one purpose of choice, meeting the fixer, and one main purpose, meeting with the River spy in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest. Meeting a repairman is an easy task, and the only hostility to getting back on the River is your car. You may need to shoot the bullets that fill the River car, or my fellow Streetkids will be able to speak easily out of this situation.

The main purpose is not easy. If you ride the River to the next destination and meet the store clerk in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest, you will run, and you will need to chase him. You might break down the door to get fired, or run outside and find her. Once you have the information you need, it is in a secret night book inside the warehouse.

Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest

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Entering the Red Queen Race and River

Getting inside the house is easy enough, there are several broken points on the fence around the warehouse, and jumping in to get inside is easy enough. There is an entrance to the back of the house with one guard walking around the area in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest or you can enter the roof, as long as you stay alert to the enemies. Or, you know, you can get in through the big door, as long as you don’t worry about getting your hands dirty.

The nightclub door is in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest the middle of the storeroom – if you use your scanning skills in the center of the room you should see the door highlighted. All you need to do now is go overboard and unlock it. As long as you are quiet so far, you should have two donkeys roaming down here, and they are easy enough to distract or skip past.

Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest

While at the club make sure you stay hidden and turn off the security cameras. You can open the room to your right to stick to the wall on the right, which may help, but it may not work. There are not many enemies here, and there is no punishment for them in Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest.

Just go into the back room and go up the stairs to the left side of the room, and then you’ll be able to use the computer inside the room to find everything you need to know Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest. Make sure you go through all the messages and files, and watch the full video file you find.

As it turns out, Mlambo’s partner helped cover up the circumstances of the late mayor’s death, though those circumstances are not as suspicious as you might believe in the problems of the Peralez couple.


You will end this quest by confronting Han and talking to Peralez’s couple. Unfortunately, in both cases, your choice doesn’t make much of a difference without the slightest change. However, you will be able to continue your relationship with River on a future trip after Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest, and the Peralez couple will be returning to the Dream On engagement campaign.

Use this full walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought the Law Quest, until then happy gaming.