Demon’s Souls – How to Find the Monumental

Demon's Soul Find Monument

Demon’s Soul Find Monument: While the levels of Demon Spirits become more difficult as players progress through the game, the first level puts players at a different risk in many ways. First, they cannot ascend and use souls, which means the loss of thousands of lives is quite possible. They are locked up and in a state of the soul, out of 50% of health.

Like other games in the franchise, souls are an important part of the character’s growth in Demon Souls. Often, most players choose to use them as often as possible to avoid losing them permanently. There aren’t many things in the Soul Games that are worse than double death and losing a lot of souls. Demon’s Soul Find Monument is given below.

Demon’s Soul Find Monument

To gain the ability to climb, players must first beat the Palanx in Demon’s Souls, the first real master of the game. After accomplishing this, they should go back to the Nexus and talk to the NPCs there. The Maiden in Black will direct the player to find and speak to the Monumental and then the cutscene play will show the players where to go.

The problem is that the cutscene is not clear enough. It shows players that they need to climb a few stairs and the room they need to go to, but it says nothing more about what Monumental is and where they can find it. In name only, players may be expecting a picture or some kind of giant, but it is actually a child wearing a white costume.

Demon's Soul Find Monument

To get to Monumental, players will need to climb two major stairs behind the Maiden in Black. Go straight to the door above the stairs and turn left. There is a straight path for the other two stairs before the players find themselves in a room with a big picture. The walls of the room are what appear to be dead monks, each with its own extinguished candle. If the players go left, they will find one candle burning and one of these leaders still alive. This is Monumental, and players should talk to him to get cuts about the game. You have Demon’s Soul Find Monument successfully.

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After talking to Monumental, players can go back to the Black Maiden and talk to him to get up. Additionally, four other closed Archstones will be unlocked, allowing players to take on non-direct stories of Demon’s Souls.

Make good use of this guide for Demon’s Soul Find Monument, Until then happy gaming.