Destiny 2 Eighth Penguin Location How and Where to Find

Here is the guide to find eighth Penguin location in Destiny 2 for players who looking to reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph

Destiny 2 eighth Penguin location

Destiny 2 eighth Penguin location: Players who want to earn a Splintered title in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light extension must first complete various Triumphs. One of these Triumphs is called Compilation of Eventide Rookery, and instructs fans to rediscover all penguin toys in Europe. While not all of these toys are available at the time of writing, many of them are available, and this guide will provide details on where to find the eighth penguin in Destiny 2, which was acquired through a weekly reset on December 29.

Destiny 2 eighth Penguin location

To access it, Destiny 2 players hunting for the eighth penguin week will need to visit Kell’s Rising in Europe. Fans can get to this place by sitting on the right as they ride the Riis-Reborn Approach at the top of the map, and will eventually meet the elevator and the teleporter. After interacting with these devices, players must proceed further through the channels they encounter, and those who do will find themselves at Kell’s Rising as soon as possible to get Destiny 2 eighth Penguin location.

From the beginning of the site, fans have to traverse Vex until they reach an open area with a huge gorge in its center. Players must turn right as soon as they enter the room and move forward until they encounter a fallen enemy called the Stasis Spinner. Once this enemy is sent, players must simply jump behind two nearby objects covered with dark object to collect a new penguin monument in Destiny 2 eighth Penguin location.

Destiny 2 eighth Penguin location

Like all other toys, an eight-year-old penguin can be taken to a building near Charon’s Crossing after it was discovered. In this building the players will find a place to put a monument, and they will find some XP in Destiny 2 when that is done. They will also be one step away from completing the reunion of the Eventide Rookery Triumph and finally discovering a new Beyond Light theme.

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After all, this Triumph is one part of winning the Splintered title, and players will have to face many other tasks before everything can be said and done. While it is true that many of these activities are straightforward, some of them, such as the Study Darkness Triumph sending fans to discover all of Entropic Shards in Destiny 2, will take some effort. That said, players who really want the title should be able to find it patiently and persistently.

So use this guide to find Destiny 2 eighth Penguin location, until then happy gaming.