Destiny 2: What is the Medal Case?

Destiny 2 Metal Case

Destiny 2 Metal Case: As Season of the Chosen nears its end in Destiny 2, Bongie adds some drama to it. The Guardian Games event is back following its launch last year, bringing with it a friendly competition in each of the three categories.

Players competed for medals in a variety of activities in Destiny 2, eventually adding to the Tower stage to see which class could go home with gold. While the Titans went home with the trophy last year, this year’s event is still awaited.

While there was controversy last year over the division of the category awards in response to a large number of Hunter players, this year’s event brought a few changes aimed at simplifying the event. The scoring system has been scrapped so that each class gets the same amount of points, although the class that finished third after one week will be permanently increased by 10%. Players can also pick up a Contender Card for trophies and other rewards, and participate in a special Guardian Games Strike Playlist list with different variations.

This year’s event also features something new called the Medal Case, although the purpose and where Bieie put it inside the game’s UI causes more confusion for many players. Here’s what players need to know about the Medal Case during this year’s Guardian Games in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Metal Case

What is a Destiny 2 Metal Case?

After logging into Destiny 2 for the first time after the start of the Guardian Games, players will be directed to Commander Zavala to begin the launch campaign. After a brief text, they were sent to Eva Levante who not only donated gifts and prizes, but also a mechanic known as the Destiny 2 Metal Case.

In fact,Destiny 2 Metal Case is given to the players as a way to keep the medals and laurels received during the event, otherwise the list of players and perhaps the post manager will be filling out very quickly. It is not a special requirement that leads to any specific reward.

Another great reason why Destiny 2 Metal Case is given to players is to keep track of how many medals they have won and the laurels that have been collected. Each section has an upper repository, when accessed, which will prevent players from earning more items until items are brought to the Destiny 2 Metal Case and placed on the platform or turned into Eva Levante. This is another step in preventing players from going out and doing farm work, a major problem that Bieie once faced with Black Armory frames.

Destiny 2 Metal Case

Where Is the Destiny 2 Metal Case?

Once received, a Destiny 2 Metal Case can be found under the topics tab from the director. What may be confusing about this is that it is by no means a quest, so there is nothing the players can do about it. It’s like other seasonal items put in here like Cryptolith Lure or Hammer of Proving from the beginning of this season, which was something that left a few players confused about what to do with it.

Another reason for the confusion of the Destiny 2 Metal Case is because of a text on the object indicating that the Destiny 2 Metal Case is a demand and is currently in step 1 of 1, which not only shows the search steps, but jokes that there may be a final point. However, this could be Bungie’s supervision as the subject matter only exists to give players an idea of ​​how much they have collected and when they may want to think about putting them on. There is no prize for growing each item in the checklist.

Use this guide to find and use Destiny 2 Metal Case, until then happy gaming.

Destiny 2 Metal Case