Destiny 2: How to Get Praefectus Armor

Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor

Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor: With Selection Season already in Week 9, it is very likely that many players have completed their graduation season and unlocked a lot of new content in Destiny 2. However, Bungie has tried to keep players engaged throughout the full duration of the season, especially with content sprayed as conflict.

The new Proving Ground, continues to be driven by the abandoned Glycon pre-mission ship, Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor as well as unusual demands that have emerged this season for Dead Man’s Tale and Ticuu’s Divination. New to the nominee season are challenges similar to those posed by Fortnite. Each week, new challenges are discovered, giving players the rewards of eliminating them from huge piles of XP, lore, War Table progression, and more.

The good thing about this program is that the challenges keep working all season long in an effort to reduce the feeling of FOMO or the fear of missing out. Players can take a break and come back to finish them at their own pace.

Another challenge especially this week has been to give players problems, especially because of the names. Ideal for combat should players need to defeat targets anywhere in the system with a complete set of weapons. While it sounds straightforward, the missing piece here is that progress is only made when the Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor is fully installed. While most Destiny 2 players may have already fully unlocked it, there are a few gaps you should know. Here is a complete guide on how to unlock Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor.

Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor

Season pass for Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor

The easiest way to unlock Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor is to upgrade over the course of the season. Pieces of weapons are unlocked in various locations with 100 levels with better numbers where the player goes. Towards the end of the Battle Pass players will also unlock a unique Legatus decoration set for them to change the look.

However, if the player undoes the Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor, it will not be available again since the end of the season. At this point, players who still need to complete a set of weapons will have to move on to the second option.

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Umbral Engrams

While not as straightforward as just unlocking the defenses of the season from Season Pass, players will have to rely on removing the Umbral Engrams encryption in the HELM area in the Tower to get Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor. Umbral engrams can be found as rewards for certain jobs, but they usually have a chance to quit jobs. While not quite as popular as it was during the Advent Season, players can also use Prismatic Recaster to turn these engrams into real objects.

Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor

Unfortunately, simply writing down these plans is not the most effective way to cultivate Praefectus’ weapons as the looting pool includes many items and potential weapons. Happily, players can unlock new layers of Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor within the recaster, usually using specific gears or weapons, allowing the engram to focus on something specific.

If the height is high, more hammer cases are needed, but with Tier 3, players can simply choose the gear they want and which rule should be the top. Getting paid for Hammer means more Battlegrounds are working, but upgrading Hammer of Proving can help provide more costs at once and will give Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor.

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Proving the Hammer

In addition to Umbral Engrams and Prismatic Recaster, Destiny 2 players can also enhance War. War reputation and level, allowing players to unlock new benefits that could affect the type of loot found on a Battlegrounds mission. Specifically, benefits such as Tribute Chest, Red Legion Chest, Challenger Medallion, and Mission Focus give players a bonus opportunity to win the Season of selected clothing or Umbral Engrams focused also may give Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor.

Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor

Naturally, this method has the least reliability as players have less power over what type of gears or type of engraved engraving they find. For those who need some kind of gear piece, using the Prismatic Recaster can be a much more reliable method than relying on RNG.

Use this guide to get Destiny 2 Praefectus Armor, until then happy gaming.