Destiny 2: Memory of Sai Mota Quest Guide

Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest

Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest: Destiny 2: Beyond Light is out for a while, players may still be looking at previous upgrades. Prior to the revival of Beyond Light, the Guardians were looking at the dark corners of the Moon at Shadowkeep. One goal where there is a need for Memory of Sai Mota, which leads to some good prizes. The steps of this assignment in Destiny 2 can be difficult, however.

The first thing to do to start this project is to hit the expansion campaign campaigns. Shadowkeep does not have many meetings with players that can be completed quickly. After completing the campaign, head back to Eris Morn. Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest NPC for Moon Destination, waiting near the main landing area. Talk to him and take the best of the Lunar Spelunker on the list.

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Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest

With this benefit the objectives include eliminating lost categories, even without the need for Master or Legend difficulty. The first is the K1 communications sector near the Anchor of Light zone. Make sure you hold the chest at the end of the field to complete the challenge for Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest. The K1 Crew Quarters follows, and is directly north of the landing point between Anchor of Light and Archer’s Line. Finally, scroll to K1 Logistics in the northwest corner of Archer’s Line.

Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest

Once this is done, the Guardians experience a decrease in the Firewall Data Fragment item. Now it’s time to find the last Lost Categories, K1 Revelation. View a full map of Shadowkeep Moon; the sector is located in the port of Sorrow. In the meantime, follow the trail until you reach  for Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest and the Lost Sector Boss room.

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Here the Guardians will see two ways to get out. Scroll right to access the Database. Once you have reached the door, unlock it by installing Firewall Data Fragments. Enter the room and contact the main console to get Destiny 2 Sai Mota quest Broken Necklace.

Players will now need to complete the necklace by killing 20 Nightmare enemies on the Moon. To be caught that the Guardians will need to kill these targets using arc skills. Explore Sorrow’s Harbor to hunt down these Destiny 2 Nightmares and use the arc subclass to eliminate them. Once you’re done with this, just head back to the landing place to meet Eris Morn and complete Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest.

Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest

However, players have to jump through the portal near where Eris used to stand. Find her inside and pass the necklace to complete the Sai Mota Memory quest. A chest will emerge condemning the demand for Symphony of Death and the weapon of A Fine Memorial.

Make a good use of this article to complete Destiny 2 Sai Mota Quest, until then happy gaming.