Don’t Starve Together: 3 Useful Mods for CO-OP

Don't Starve together

Don’t Starve Together is not just a survival game, it is a great example that even a minimalistic looking game could be so fun and pool of content. It is such a great game that the developers have put vast effort into and is a masterpiece of the genre. Mods are a thing for a very long time now, their primary job is to make the game do the jobs that they are not made to do.

Don’t Starve Together is better in this case as it officially supports Mods. They bring so many possibilities to the amazing survival title. Players don’t need to go through certain websites or complex installation process to enjoy mods in this game, if you are on the Steam version then just head to the community tab and subscribe to the mods you like and they will be added to the server when you select them.

3 Useful Mods for CO-OP

Co-Op is Don’t Starve Together is beautiful and it is the prime way to play the game. This automatically creates so many possibilities and is a perfect blend for the game. As you already know, Don’t Starve Together is a game that can seem very complex for beginners and it has a huge map where getting lost is a mere factor of seconds. Here are 3 Mods that would be helpful in your journey;

3- Global Positions

This enables Global positioning in the game and with this, players can see and locate each other around the map, along with their settlements like fire pits, signboards, etc. It doesn’t matter how far others are, everyone will be able to understand their locations.

2- Fast travel GUI

The world of Don’t Starve Together is vast and walking to your destinations is not a wise thing to do for locations out of bounds. This Mod comes into action here to offer players fast travel between places in an instance. This Mod takes a custom GUI and signs to allow players to fast travel to those locations marked as important. A perfect rescue for players who want to be standing by their friend’s side a little sooner before a hostile frog kills them.


1- ActionQueue Reborn

This is a Mod that will ease up your tiresome work by a little. This mod queues up the tool that is to be used on a certain action or job. It saves players time and the constant need to press left-click or any button and lets them relax while the job is being done automatically.

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