Don’t Starve Together: 4 Useful strategies for Beginners

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a game all about overcoming whatever challenges and mysteries it brings forth. The game enables players to select their way of surviving in the game by utilizing whatever resources the large and unique map has to offer. The game is the sequel to the previous title “Don’t Starve”, which was more single-player oriented. Thus it is needless to mention that the sequel, i.e. Don’t Starve Together is best experienced when played along with friends.

The game can be pretty challenging to understand at the beginning. It is going to be very hard in the difficulty spectrum and players will die a lot, but the more you make mistakes the more knowledge you gather. In case you are looking to survive some more days, than single digits, to see the game and the world changes you must have some early strategies prepared.

4 Early Game Strategies for Don’t Starve Together

This article points out the four important and useful strategies, for the early game, to seal your chances of survival. Please continue reading further for more information.

4. Main Settlement

The first thing you must do in any survival game is to create a base or shelter and prepare a fire. This should also be your main intent in Don’t Starve Together as it would be helpful for the night. You can’t just settle anywhere either as that would be a great disadvantage. You should select an area that has enough basic minerals, food, animals, and other basic requirements, close by.

3. Plantation

Resources like food, saplings, grass, and other things are not always available in abundance. Each world in the game differs from one another and certain areas of the map can be really unlucky in terms of resources. So plant more of what you can, be self productive so you can think less about those and focus on other important aspects of the game.

2. Explore

The more you explore, the more stuff you discover in the game. Don’t Starve Together features a wide map and various resources and things that will be helpful in the game. So rather than settling and living in harmony in a certain area, explore the possibilities to discover more interesting & useful things.

1. Character Selection

As you may all know, Don’t Starve Together features few choices of characters that you can select from to begin your survival. Each character has certain traits, abilities, likings and disadvantages. If you are playing with multiple people then try choosing a more diverse roaster. This way you all can be helpful where your Character traits shine and divide work based on that.

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These are the top 4 strategies that you can use in the early stages of the game but Don’t Starve Together is more than just these. You’ll need better plans to go further and beyond, so stay tuned and follow us for more Guides, How to(s), Tips & Tricks.