Don’t Starve Together: An Easy Guide to Maintain Sanity

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to the survival game genre. This game has everything that is required to perfectly blend reality, logical approach and survival together. Like most survival games, Don’t Starve Together also requires players to master the art of shelter, hunting, food, fire, cooking, medicines and other basic needs for survival. Of course, there is more to it but one must always have the basics run down.

Don’t Starve Together features 3 important aspects of the character. The first two are the most common, they are the ‘Hunger’ and ‘Health Point’ bar. The third one is not very common in most survival games but can be seen here, it is the ‘Sanity’ bar. When new players start their adventures in Don’t Starve Together, they can easily get put off by not being able to maintain Sanity and dying too soon becomes a habit.

Don’t Starve Together can be a hard game for beginners but they can always learn through experience and we promise that it should get a bit easier. Here is everything you need to know about Sanity and How can you maintain it easily.

About ‘Sanity’ in Don’t Starve Together

Sanity refers to the character’s mental health. Just like you Hunger and HP bar, the Sanity bar is a very important aspect of the game. You can get serious disadvantage in your survival if your sanity is too low and it can also cause death.

Players need to maintain their Sanity to avoid seeing blurry vision along with weird creatures that will hunt them and hurt them. Sanity can be gained and lost, just like the other two features. First, we will talk about the ways you can increase and lose Sanity.


How to Increase Sanity

There are multiple ways one can increase one’s Sanity and some of the easiest ways are they are;

  • Wearing Certain Clothing
  • Eating Crock Pot Food
  • Stayin near Friendly Pigs
  • Eating Jerky
  • Resurrecting Ghost Players
  • Picking certain flowers
  • Planting
  • Eating Cooked Cactus


What can decrease Sanity

There are various factors that can affect your Sanity in-game, some of them are;

  • Eating certain raw food
  • Eating Raw Red or Green Mushrooms
  • Staying near a living Mandrake
  • Roaming around dark areas on Map
  • Staying near-certain hostile monsters
  • Not Sleeping
  • Reading Books

There are more than many reasons that can decrease or increase your Sanity level and the best way to learn it is via playing and experiencing it first hand. This guide shall be helpful for the basics until you learn about the game.


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