Don’t Starve Together: An Easy Guide Explaining the Pan Flute

Don’t Starve Together is a game all about survival alongside your pals and doing everything to keep you and your friends alive. The map of the game is enormous and there are various things to do, find, different biomes, seasons, it just is a unique swing to the Survival genre of games.

The vital aspects of the game, in the beginning, is to secure a decent camp, that has all the important resources near. The more subtle you are with the game mechanics, the more new things you will learn through experience. Magic plays an important role in Don’t Starve Together as it unlocks various stuff that you can craft to make more resourceful items. Magical items tend to provide you with an advantage in areas where nothing else works.

The Pan Flute is a great example of a magical item that you must acquire to avoid unnecessary brawls and consequences. To know more about the Pan Flute, how to craft it and its usage, please continue reading further.

About the Pan Flute

Staying alive in Don’t Starve Together can be pretty difficult at times and the magical items come very handy for that purpose of survival. You all know that hostile creatures roam the lands of Don’t Starve Together with the certain intentions of ‘evil’. Sometimes they are difficult to square off, avoid and can be very annoying. Using weapons against hordes of such may tend to be useless at times, here is where the usefulness of the Pan Flute Comes.

Don't Starve Together


Usefulness of the Pan Flute

The Pan Flute is a musical instrument that you can acquire and play in the game. The music produced by the instrument soothes the savage minds of the hostile beats and creatures around you. Once they hear the tune of the Pan Flute, they should fall asleep in no time, allowing you to kill them or escape far.

The Pan Flute capable to put nearby mobs into a deep sleep and can be used up to ten times, after that it will be worn out and you would require a new one. One thing to keep in mind is that few beasts will not get caught in its tune, but most should.


How to get the Pan Flute in Don’t Starve Together

You can craft it by resources that you can find in the game. It takes 5 Cut Reeds, 1 Mandrake and 1 Rope to make one Pan Flute. You can also find these as loots in the game while you are on your adventure.


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