Don’t Starve Together: An Easy Guide explaining All Game Modes

Don’t Starve Together is a great survival game that you must play if you like the genre. The game itself is a masterpiece and does great justice to the theme of survival. Don’t Starve Together is the successor of the previous survival tile called Don’t Starve and the new one is all about multiplayer.

We mean, sure, you can play the game solo but the real fun begins with friends and multiple players. There’s so much scope of innovation, ideas, help, workability, etc. The PvE is the main way to go but you can also opt. for PvP as per your preference.

Don’t Starve Together can be a bit difficult to understand for newer players and we are here to talk about the game modes and categories so that you can select the one that is best suited.

Game Modes in Don’t Starve Together

The server can be defined under 4 categories, they are Social, Cooperative, Competitive and Madness. These options have to do most with the PvP aspect of the game. However, the real changes come with the three different game modes.

The three Game Modes are:
  • Survival
  • Wilderness
  • Endless

Each of these modes shares some different theme that can affect your gameplay experience.

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Survival– This is the default or raw game mode that puts real emphasis on survival. This can be difficult than the other two modes and targets cooperative engagement. Here, if you or any players from the server dies then they transform into ghosts and roam around. They can be resurrected by their friends but if everyone dies and becomes a ghost then the survival is lost and you got to restart your world’s journey.

Wilderness– This mode is a little different as players spawn in random locations across the huge map. If a player dies in this world they are sent back to the ‘Character Select’ screen where they can rejoin and restart. They will again be spawned at a random location with all progression wiped clear. Here resurrections items don’t exist as there’s no use and the world never resets.

Don't Starve Together

Endless– This mode is, by far, the most chilled and meant for a laid-back experience. Players can play as they want and cooperation with others is not mandatory. The world here never resets and if a player dies they become Ghosts. The Ghosts can resurrect themselves at the spawn as many times as they wish.

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