Dying Light 2: A Healing Guide

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As the highly anticipated sequel in the series, Dying Light 2 is doing great so far. The fans of the series are enjoying the game with its sick parkour and fluid combat, along with the new players. As a survival, zombie game goes, Dying Light 2 features traits of danger.

The open world of the game is full of challenges and the infected are not the only ones posing as a threat. Just like in the first game, there are many human foes in this installment that are as dangerous, if not more. The world of Dying Light 2 may seem unforgiving at times and maintaining your health bar is a key part of the game. Thus keeping useful healing items within your backpack is important.

This will not only help you regain HP during a pinch situation but will also stand as the key factor of your survival. Here is a guide dedicated to healing items in the game.

Healing Items in Dying Light 2

The protagonist Aiden is not immune to taking hits. You will need to use healing quite often in the game, considering how dangerous the world of the game is. Normally, the options players can opt for under these circumstances are Bandages, Military Medkits and Water Stations.

Dying Light 2


This will be available to players initially. They can easily be crafted with basic and easy to find ingredients. But they are slow and is not favourable during last moment heal ups. But still, if you can manage to gain some distance from the threat and take some time to use them, this should be good for the most part.

The ingredients required to craft bandages are Honey, obtained from beehives, and Chamomile, a kind of flower. They can be found on grassy rooftops or in a garden.

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Other Alternatives

Though bandages are simple to craft and reachable, they are not the quickest option. There are two other alternative healing items that players can use for a quicker response. So, this is where Military Medkits and Water Stations come into action.

Where to find them?

Military Medkits works just like bandages in terms of healing, but they work as quick as within a second. Contrary to bandages that takes 4 seconds to be applied. You can find Military Medkits as normal street loot but it’s rare. They can be bought from merchants across Villedor. And just as the name suggests, the best spots to find it are from Military Convoys, inhibitor cases, GRE Quarantine Buildings.

As for Water Stations, they can be found on the rooftops. Players just need to locate and approach it and press the action/ interact button. The water will start to flow, all you need is to make Aiden drink it. It restores your character’s health without any supplies but is the less favourable and practical option during the time of immediate need.

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