Dying Light 2: A Quick Guide and Tips for Beginners!

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We are glad that Dying Light 2 has finally been released and there’s so much that game has to offer! Take every post-apocalyptic, zombie survival game and forget their names. Techland has done a great job in making the Dying Light series that covers the genre without being repetitive and more fun, all whilst bringing so much new to the table.

Even though the new release has attracted various different thoughts, we can all agree that Dying Light 2 can be a bit confusing for new players, who haven’t played the previous title ( which we recommend you should). Here are some quick useful tips and tricks for Dying Light 2 that will help you survive.

Parkour is the way to go

The game is so distinctive in the wide pool of zombie survival games, thanks to its wonderful story and addictive parkour. Parkour is one of the coolest things and the game implements it wonderfully. It not only helps you roam and explore around the city among the infected, but it also keeps you safe and saves time and unnecessary details. Stay on the rooftops, as the game suggests.

Dying Light 2

Avoid the night for now

The day covers the cycle of day and night. Just like the previous title, days are way safer than the violent mist the night carries. Surviving the night is not just harder for the lack of light, but for the much more active and volatile zombies around. Avoid the night for now, until you are more confident and geared up to gain double XP!

Level up is important

The game has a skill tree where you can level up move sets. Both your combat and Parkour skills are important to be advanced in the game so don’t avoid that.

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Keep it hush

Zombies are attracted to noise and they become more violent around it. Try stealth as it keeps things more in your control and helps you avoid unnecessary havoc.

Keep Medkits around

Things can get ugly without any prior notice. You never know which danger you will come across. Dying in the game lets you respawn but you will lose a lot of XP points. So maintain your health and keep medkits ready to go on you.

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Weapons are a priority

Weapons are a key part of the game. Then once you find earlier may seem cool but once your progress, there are a lot better ones waiting. Don’t get attached to them, they tend to break. Only keep the ones useful and powerful enough to last you days. And guns are always a must, chose them over anything when the time comes.


This has been a quick guide to Dying Light 2 for Beginners. Be sure to follow us for more Dying Light 2 and gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.