Dying Light 2: Cool Weapons Guide

Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, there are many different ways to kills zombies and other hostiles, except for guns. Despite the fact the first game had guns, the recent title focuses on mostly medieval ways. It is logical because, during the early days of the virus, there were enough guns and ammo to be sued but as the civilization was caught under the apocalypse for 15 years, humans had to switch back to the makeshift ways.

Weapon Categories in Dying Light 2


Apart from its enjoyable and challenging Parkour, Dying Light 2 has some f the best combat mechanics in this genre. You will need weapons from the get-go to fight off the numerous amounts of threats that you will face during your gameplay. There are several types of weapons available in the game. They are categorized under 5 main categories; 

  • Common [Gray/White]
  • Uncommon [Green]
  • Rare [Blue]
  • Unique [Purple]
  • Artifact [Gold]

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The weapons with higher stats and levels are the most practical ones to use in the game but they are hard to find. Common and Uncommon weapons are found in abundance but the other three are hard to get a hold of in Dying Light 2. But among all the weapons in the game, makes sure to have these three for the best zombie-killing experience in the game.




A literal sword from the medieval era, the Barbarian is one of the coolest and most powerful weapons in the game. It has a heavy build and requires two hands to wield it but each swing has massive damage to the entire infected crowd. It is the primary weapon you should have to fight beyond the numbers and tough opponents.

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Shoelace Machete 


A quick, makeshift weapon that you should have equipped for quick attack manoeuvres. It gives you enough agility to move and strike and a proper slash cat chops off enemies’ hands and heads with grace.


Pan of Destiny


We have talked about the Pan of Destiny in a previous article. This low powered Thor’s hammer is a must-have for Dying Light 2 players. This frying pan deals minimal damage but it compensates for that with the mechanism of throw and retrieval. You can spam this mechanic to deal quite the damage to the enemies in Dying Light 2.

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This has been a guide explaining different weapon classes and types, along with 3 cool weapons that you must have. Be sure to follow us for more Dying Light 2 Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.