Dying Light 2: How to Bash through locked doors!

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Dying Light 2 paints a post-apocalyptic world that is full of various threats on every step and players are needed to do everything possible to stay alive. There are a lot of features and mechanisms in the game, some of them are new while some are from the original game. The new eye-catching wingsuit is one of the new addition to the game but the classic grappling hook and other parkour skills are still our favourites. 

As said before, Dying Light 2 pictures a vivid illustration of a world that is filled with infected zombies and is filled with chaos and unlaw. Survival is not as easy as most games tends it to be. Here you will be facing different obstacles during your gameplay and opening locked doors and chests are a key part of it.

Lockpicking in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

In the original game, lockpicking was an important mechanism that was required to open chests and other stuff to gather valuable loot. In this instalment, we get to see a similar yet advanced usage of the same game mechanic. In Dying Light 2, players often face the obstacle of locked doors that they need to get through. This obstacle can easily be skipped with proper lockpicking skills but time doesn’t always favour the hero. Here’s another way, players can quickly get through locked doors in Dying Light 2.

Alternative Way to open Locked Doors

Lockpicking works like a mini-game within the original game. It has three difficulty levels but is not that hard to perform. However, it takes up a lot of time, something you can not afford to give when violent mobs and infected are approaching you. So as an alternative method, you can just bash through the locked doors within seconds by using this method mentioned below.

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The Method

Make sure to unlock the Sprint and Bash skills in the game beforehand. When you come across a locked door, distance yourself with a few feet gap. Then Sprint right into the opening side of the door and bash it. There you will have it, your very own opened door without the need to lockpick it. It will take you a few steps to perfect and master the timing but once you get those straight, it will be easy always. Thanks to Reddit user u/Longjumping-Owl-2684 for discovering this method.

When to use this method?

Lockpicking method requires time and is quieter, doesn’t attract unnecessary attention. Thus when your life is not in immediate danger, you can lockpick your way through. But when all hell gets loose, it won’t matter if it makes a lot of noise, sprinting and bashing through locked doors is the way to go.

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