Dying Light 2: How to enable DLSS/FSR

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The very long-awaited sequel in the Dying Light series has finally been released. Dying Light 2 is the next generation game for all the First-Person, post-apocalyptic, parkour, action-adventure and survival lovers. A lot to fill in terms of genres but let us see, how it compares in visuals.

Dying Light 2 was officially released worldwide a few days ago and since then, it has been received with quite the variants of reviews. While most of the fans are enjoying the game, despite the number of bugs in the way, there is a proportion that feels the game is just not that amazing. Either way, keeping the bugs aside, the game surely brings a lot to the table in terms of visual and graphical enhancements.

DLSS / FSR in Dying Light 2

As you all know, the game is out for a number of platforms, yet the PC version remains the one with the most customization options available. Dying Light 2 has really implemented RayTracing and upscaling options quite well. Along with these, the game also features Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), as well as, FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

Dying Light 2

Importance of DLSS/FSR?

Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS is a type of video rendering technique that boosts framerates in rendering them at a lower resolution than they are displayed. It does that by using a type of deep machine learning, to upscale those frames so they look just as sharp as expected at native resolution.

On the other hand, FidelityFX Super Resolution or FSR is a similar technique used in AMD GPUs. This whole rendering game frames in lower resolution before upscaling them improves the entire gaming experience by miles. So if you have a capable GPU and hardware backing it up, you should enable it in Dying Light 2.

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How to enable DLSS/FSR in Dying Light 2?

Players looking to enable DLSS or FSR just need to follow these steps.

Enable DLSS for Nvidia GPUs

Check if your GPU driver is up to date, if not then update it. Once secured, open up the game and navigate to the video settings option. Then click on the Upscaler Mode and select “DLSS” from there. Test out the game with this mode on and judge for yourself whether to use it or not.

Enable FSR for AMD GPUs

The method is similar to the above one. Make sure your AMD GPU graphics driver is up to date. Open the game, go to the video settings, then to Upscaler Mode and then select FSR. Test the game out with the option turned on.

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This rounds out today’s article on how to turn on DLSS/FSR in Dying Light 2. Be sure to follow us for more Gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.