Dying Light 2: How to farm XP & Level Up!


Dying Light 2 is a title that focuses on leveling up your character as you advance further down the game. Players earn Experience Points, aka XP, as they accomplish certain stuff in the game. These XP points go towards leveling up their character and unlocking other cool elements in the game. This XP is well needed towards leveling up and unlocking new skills. As you all know, Combat and Parkour are key features of Dying Light 2 and in order to unlock multiple skills, you will need to earn Parkour and Combat Points.

Different types of Skill Points in Dying Light 2

We have talked about these multiple times in our previous articles. There are two different types of skill set in the game, unlike the first title. They are Combat and Parkour. Players will earn a different types of skill points, specific to these two skill trees. Now, in order to earn skill points, players will need to earn a lot of XP throughout the game. But the whole earning XP process can be a bit slow if you are not grinding for it. So, here are some ways you can earn tons of XP which will earn you Combat and Parkour Points that will go towards unlocking advanced skill moves.

Dying Light 2
Ways to Earn XP and Skill Points in Dying Light 2

You can perform all sorts of activities in the game to earn XP throughout your gameplay., But we will focus on the ones that provide tons of XP within a few hours of gameplay and are easy to catch up to.

Main Story Quest

The Main Storyline of Dying Light 2 is not super complex but completing the main story quests and activities will provide you with most of the XP within a short time.

Side Quests

There are quite a number of side quests available in the game and players love to play those, often over the main quest. They are simple tasks and provide great XP on accomplishment.

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Random Events

There are random events in the game that pops out now and then. They are simple and rewards enough XP that is worthwhile.

Parkour Challenges

These are very cool and requires quite a lot of grind to ace them. They are fun and if you come first, you will get a lot of XP out of these challenges.

Explore in Night-Time

Grab a UV Light and do all the tasks, mentioned above, at night time. Yes, it will be very difficult but you will also receive twice as much XP for doing the same thing that you would in the daylight. Quite an XP grind if you ask me.

Dying Light 2


This concludes today’s’ guide on XP farming in Dying Light 2. Be sure to follow us for more Dying Light 2 Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.