Dying Light 2: Out of Your League Side Quest Guide

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Dying Light 2 was finally released a few weeks ago and the game has already become a fan favourite. While some prefer the original game to be better, the other half of the reviews tell a different story. Either way, Dying Light 2 is finally out and you can play it on PC, Xbox Series X & S, Playstation 4 & 5.

We have talked about the game in different articles and have tried to cover as many points as possible. We have also mentioned that the game might not have the greatest main storyline, but surely has fun missions that players are going to enjoy. Some people even go on the extent to state they like the side quests in the series more than the actual plotline. Either way, we are here to talk about one of the many side quests available in Dying Light 2, that is, “Out Of Your League” and we will walk y’all through in this article.

About “Out Of Your League” Side Quest in Dying Light 2

Dying light 2

To start this side quest, players are required to talk to the NPC called Ruud. You can find Rudd in the Bazaar in Trinity. Once you do that, the quest is on. Now players have to exit the premises of the Bazaar and speak to the guard at the gate. After that, head over to Crocodile Flats. It is located at the west of Cherry Windmill in Houndfield.

Get through the hallway and then you will locate a box, right next to a door. Get close and interact with the box and then to the door. After this, players will need to utilize their senses to go through. Use your senses to follow the footprints of Scott and inspect the items along the way. After some time, the path of Scott’s trail will come to an end before a building. You need to enter that building, and for that, use your amazing parkour skills and look for an open window to make entry through the upper floor.

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Now comes the part of some action, there will be a few thugs that you need to take care of, shouldn’t be too hard. Once done, talk to Scott and tell him that you will get the necklace back for him.

Where to find the Necklace?

Look for the necklace in Crocodile Flats. Enter by lockpicking the door, killing the enemies, take the vents to reach an elevator shaft. Go to the upper levels and you will find the necklace on a dead lady, behind the breakable boards on the door. Bring the necklace back to Scott at the Bazaar and make your decision.

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