Dying Light 2: Where to find inhibitors!

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 brings you authentic survival and adventure during the post-apocalyptic setting, right to your screen. We have been playing and enjoying the game from the first day. There are so many things to do that will keep your attention on the game. One of the best features of this survival, adventure game is its danger. Dying Light 2 features a dangerous open-world, that is infected with zombies and plagued by humans from different groups.

The threat is real and so is maintaining your HP. Even though when you go down in the game, you will just respawn but y doing so, you would lose crucial XP, which is a bummer in the game. Dying Light 2 has implemented the use of Health and Stamina a bit diversely in the sequel more than in the original. Maintaining and upgrading your Health and Stamina levels in the game is a crucial part of the game. Through this, players will be able to unlock higher Combat and Parkour skills, necessary in the game. And the Inhibitors are the only way you can accomplish it!

What are Inhibitors in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2

Inhibitors are a special level collectable in the game. This item allows players to increase their max Health and Stamina capacities. Which, in general, increases the player’s immunity. As you already know, if you don’t keep your immunity in check, you will not be able to stay in darkness and roam during the night for long periods of time. Otherwise, you will need a UV light everywhere you go or avoid night runs, which is not fun at all.

How to unlock Inhibitors in Dying Light 2?

Inhibitors are very hard to find as they are legendary level consumable items. There are a total of 126 inhibitors in the game, scattered all around the map. You won’t find them from the start, as you will need to complete a fraction of the main storyline to unlock it. You will eventually be introduced to the inhibitors a bit later in the game, and you will need to locate your first 6 of them. You will get three of these from Hakon after the Bazaar incident and then during the Markers of Plague quest. After this, the inhibitor mechanic of the game will be unlocked for you and you can find them while you explore!

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Where to look for Inhibitors in Dying Light 2?

Inhibitors are fixed in number, but there are 126 of them present in the game, plenty for your run-through. The places where you should look for inhibitors in Dying Light 2 are;

  • GRE Quarantines
  • GRE Anomalies
  • Metro Stations
  • Military Airdrops
  • Random places while exploring

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The first four places have higher chances of containing inhibitors. You can also find inhibitors at random places while exploring but the possibilities are lower.

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