Easy Guide about Maypoles in Valheim [2023]

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If you are looking to know about everything related to Maypoles in Valheim, then you are at the right place. We will talk about it in detail down below.

The Norse mythology influenced, Viking survival sandbox, Valheim has recently met the milestone of 10 million copies being sold. And the game is about to get one of the major updates, the mistlands update, within a few months. So before that, let us answer a few questions regarding a peculiar structure in the game. Yes, we are talking about the Maypoles in Valheim.

What are Maypoles in Valheim?

The Maypoles in Valheim are a very rare type of structure that can be found amidst abandoned villages in the game. They generally spawn only in the Meadows biome of the game. They have a similar build to the portals, except they feature a unique shape and are greenish in colour.

Players can not even interact with this structure. Maypoles in Valheim are not moveable either, but they can be destroyed with force. The advantage of having these Maypoles in Valheim is that it awards players in its area with a +1 Comfort level. So if you build a base around it, you will be able to utilize its potential. However, if these Maypoles in Valheim get destroyed, they won’t respawn again.

Maypoles in Valheim

Is Comfort Level Important in Valheim?

Comfort level is actually an important aspect of the game. The better this level stands for a player, the better your rested buff will get. It is essential for players in order to gain more XP and regenerate HP and stamina.

Where to find Maypoles in Valheim?

As we mentioned earlier, this structure is a very rare occurrence in the game. It only spawns within the Meadows biome so, in order to locate one, you have to explore around, especially around abandoned villages.

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You can’t usually craft the, as they are non-craftable structures. However, at one time, the game developers made it temporarily craftable through an upgraded workbench. The materials required to craft the Maypoles in Valheim were;

  • Thistle [4]
  • Dandelion [4]
  • Wood [10]

But the crafting period of this structure has expired a long time ago. It has once again become a non-craftable item. However, if you are in the creative mode, you can spawn one at any location you wish.

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End Notes

The Maypoles in the game are essential items. It will be cool if the developers re-implement them as craftable items in Valheim. This concludes today’s article on Maypoles in Valheim, be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.