Fall Guys Upcoming Season 3.5 update – What to expect?

It is as usual, Cute and Yeet-full.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys have been one of the biggest games of last year and even if it’s not that overall places, it still sure is being played by a lot of people.

Fall Guys have dealt with its Season 1 and Season 2 and is currently undergoing with the latest Season 3 era in the game. Just like the previous two instances, Season 3 will also be graced with a ‘mid-season’ update. This midseason update is going to be huge and interesting to the players as there is a lot to be talked about.

On a recent tweet on Jan 25th, 2023 by Fall Guys’ official Twitter handle, we got to know about the upcoming and exciting Season 3.5 update.


What’s new in Fall Guys 3.5 Update?

The tweet gives us a lot of insight on what to expect from the update. Fall Guys is pretty known for its total numbers of levels that are placed into a match randomly. In addition to that, a brand new level is coming to the game with the midseason update.

There are a few more things alongside a new level, they are:

  • 40+ new variations for the game’s existing levels – This will bring a lot of new experience to the game.
  • Fall Feed– This must be like kill feed in FPS games, this will notify the players on who have felt in the current level.
  • New DLC Pack – Now, who doesn’t love a good old DLC action
  • New Costumes– Some exciting new costumes are going to be available in the Fall Guy’s regular store. This will include the cute and frightening Godzilla, Sonic and Goose Game costumes. Three more reasons to play Fall Guys in 2023 if you ask me.
  • More! – New costumes and shows are going to be live in the coming weeks.

Jump across Big Fans

The new update will allow players to use more BIG FANS to jump across levels. Fall Guys developers have mentioned how the players are ‘BIG FANS’ of the literal ‘BIG FANS’ in the game. So the only logical thing to do with such information was adding the ability to use more of them to fly in the atmosphere with no regrets. I don’t know what to ask more from this update.

Name for Fall Guys’ Season 3.5 update

Something funny can be noticed in the Fall Guys tweet on white text. They have pledged to stop naming this update with something that includes ‘Yeet’. They have even said to name it anything, literally, anything but not any word is to be included with ‘Yeet’ in it. 

The Season 1’s mid-season was named ‘Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheetus’, which was great and the Season 2’s mid-season was called ‘Fan Big Yeet Little’, which was also a prime contender for best names. But they are begging this one to be named anything but not Yeet. So we are pretty sure what the 3.5 updates is going to be named (“yeah, YEET!”).

Release Date 

An official release date for the alleged non-YEET 3.5 Season update is yet to be announced. But It will be soon so keep your hopes up high.

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