How to get Fallout 4: Whispering hills mod

Episode 1 brings some major changes to the mod


Whispering Hills Mod of the Fallout 4, has previous versions of the mod around but the latest update brings some significant additions.

In the mod, a new questline will introduce you to Midwitch Elementary School (based on the original Silent Hill’s school, Midwich), and part of the town of Whispering Hills. لعبة الباصرة

The monsters included in the Whispering Hills they are,  Silent Hill mainstays like Triangular Prism Head, Uncomfortably Sexy Faceless Nurses, and the Energiser Bunny. دومينو اون لاين مع اصدقائك It also throws in some other pop culture creeps like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and SirenHead, which is like Slender Man for people who think Slender Man is just too mainstream these days.

When Fallout 4 decides to change the weather there’s a chance for the foggy town to be replaced by Silent Hill’s dark nightmare world. The Whispering Hills mod can be found on the ModDB and NexusMods.

To download the mod, we recommend heading over to the NexuMods and follow the steps there. Here’s some additional info to follow:

On Steam, you will need to open the game’s directory by clicking Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.

On GOG, you will need to do the same by clicking Settings > Manage Installation > Configure.

Once you’ve in the directory, make sure to follow the instructions in the mod file, and extract the data where it specifies. You may need to create a folder or back-up certain items. اللاعب ابراهيموفيتش