Fortnite C2 Season 6- Easy guide to tame Raptors!

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Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 6 has been a real blast of exciting content and new features. The whole primitive aspect, hunting, survival and introduction of Wild animals in the game really put a huge effort to make the game stay afloat without the repetitive nature. You would have seen a lot of big dinosaur eggs, lying here and there, scattered around the map. Well, those have finally hatched and evolved into full-fledged Dinosaurs that now lives on the Island of Fortnite.

These aren’t huge sized Dinosaurs and still looks cool and big enough to frighten the players and the land. They are Velociraptors type dinosaurs and while being hostile, you can tame them. The process on how to tame them is kind of similar to taming any other animals in Fortnite but the risk is a little bigger in this case as the reward is also greater.

Where to Find these Raptors in Fortnite?

The first thing to do before starting other preparations in the game is to find the location where they reside. Raptors are hostile in nature and often roam around the map in small groups. These are dangerous than any other wild animal in Fortnite as they deal a lot of damage to the player with their vicious bites. 

They can be found in the locations that previously spawned their dinosaur eggs. Even though they are not seen everywhere on the map, they could be easily found at the centre of the map. Try the Weeping Woods, Boney Burbs or The Spire for better odds.

Also, try looking and targeting a solo raptor as you will often find in the game, as it is hard to even manage a single one and you would not want to get eaten by another of these beasts as you try to tame your new friend.


How to Tame Raptors in Fortnite?

Raptors are hostile but could be tamed while they eat meat that you can offer. This may sound similar to taming a boar or a wolf but this is not exactly the case. Raptors eat relatively faster than the other animals making the taming process quite harder. They would finish the given meat and eat you next before you could finish the taming process.

So the best way to get through this is by crafting Hunter’s Cloak. We talked about it previously, the Hunter’s Cloak offers players safety against hostile animals. You can wear it and go near any animals and they will not attack you. It is also quite easy to craft as it needs;

  • 1 Piece of Animal Meat
  • 2 Pieces of Animal Bones

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Now just equip the Cloak and go near a solo Raptor and tame it with your interaction key. It should be easily done as the Cloak should protect you in the process.

On successfully taming one, they will follow you around just like pets and they offer the best help as pets. They are much faster in terms of speed than wolves and their damage is also greater. All in one, if you want to tame an animal to fight beside you, a Raptor would be your finest choice.


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