Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: Primal- How to easily tame a boar!

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Fortnite has really spiced up the gameplay with their Chapter 2 Season 6: Primal update to the game. This new update includes lots of fun skins, rewards, quests, weapons and animals to hunt and experience the primal survival instincts, hidden inside oneself. The wildlife in Primal is just astonishing, to be honest, they just don’t roam around fancily without a purpose either. The animals that are scattered around the new and updated Fortnite map are required in the game as they will drop meat and bones for the payers after getting killed by hunting.

This meat and bones are very important as they serve the purpose of food and fantastic weapon upgrades. But whenever there are animals in a survival game, your thoughts may cross on whether they can be tamed or not, Well even though Fortnite is not a full-fledged survival game but the new Primal update has filled its core with some survival actions.

You will be pleased to hear that among the wildlife and animals in Fortnite the boars can be tamed and they can even help you in your fights. We will tell you about how you can accomplish such a mission and why you would need them.

What you need to tame a boar in Fortnite

Normally, Boars will be hostile around players but you would need to go near them to accomplish the mission. The first thing you need to do is to craft a ‘Hunter’s Cloak’. This will keep you protected as animals won’t react to your presence with hostility once you’re equipped with it. The Hunter’s Cloak requires some components to be crafted from, they are;

  • 1 Piece of Animal Meat
  • 2 Pieces of Animal Bones


Once acquired, just navigate to the crafting menu and craft Hunter’s Cloak with them. Once crafted, equip it and it will be in immediate effect. Now no animals will attack you or greet you with hostility. You just check by going near any of them. Now to tame a Boar, you need to find one after equipping Hunter’s cloak. 

How to tame a boar in Fortnite

Boars are easy to find and you can find them near the Pig pen as the name suggests. The pig pen is located near the Colossal Crops. On reaching the location, find a boar of your choosing and go as near as it is possible. Don’t worry, it will not attack you and you can easily interact with them with whatever your interaction button is in the game.

You need to press the interact button for at least 3 seconds and the boar in question will be tamed that easily.

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