Fortnite C2 Season 6 – Top 5 weapons of choice!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: Primal is the latest and running update patch to the game. As you already know, Fortnite is one of the biggest, popular and widely played game in the whole world. Fortnite took the battle royale genre and gave it an original and authentic spin to it which is one of the reasons why the game has lasted for long. The Primal update is all about bringing the ethnic life of primitive humans and their lifestyle.

Human beings then relied on Hunting for food and crafting while survival was their prime goal. Fortnite developed that idea and forged it with the game’s own world of excellent weapons, map, building, etc. Fortnite Season 6: Primal has brought a lot of changes to the game, especially in its weapons division. There is an availability of two types of weapons that you can upgrade with the right components, one is the Primal Weapons and the other type is the Mechanical weapons.

Top 5 weapons in Fortnite C2 Season 6

Mechanical weapons are more precise and accurate at their job whereas the Primal weapons surpass them in the damage division. The weapons to choose from are wide in range and we will tell you about our top 5 ones on the battlefield.

1. The SCAR

This assault rifle has always been in the top 3 weapon preferences list of most players and is still in ours in this season. Assault rifles are really necessary for many situations just for their versatility of usage. They pack a decent magazine with a decent enough mid to long-range damage along with the deadly close-range combat damage. The SCAR is balanced in terms of speed, accuracy, range and damage, a perfect weapon in terms of winning. Available in both Epic and Legendary makes it more approachable as a get to go weapon.

2. Mechanical Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotgun has always been a great choice for close-range combats and with its Mechanical upgrade, it is still a must-have weapon in Fortnite Season 6. The incredible damage of 100 on a total shot and its easy availability is just hard to leave unnoticed.


3. Mechanical Explosive Bow

The best way to use grenades in Fortnite is to pair them with the upgraded Mechanical Explosive Bow. Great damage, better accuracy and range makes it a reliable companion in the game.

4. P90

The submachine gun category is better represented by the P90 as it does justice to the category with its huge magazine size, speed and power. The best choice SMG during close-range combats and can also be useful in mid-range scenarios.

5. Rocket Launcher

One can never ignore the Rocket Launcher in Fortnite, doesn’t matter which season you want to rule. Huge range, accuracy and massive explosive damage make the RL effective to destroys structures and player’s HP bar very well. It might be on the slower side on the longer range but you can always have a free shot.

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